Honors Major

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To be admitted to the honors major, students should have completed at least two Asian studies courses in different departments with grades of B+ or better.

The honors major in Asian Studies consists of a minimum of ten (10) credits (including four honors preparations). The four preparations in an Honors Program must be drawn from at least two different disciplines.

Geographic and disciplinary breadth requirements

These are the same as for the course major, specifically:

Coursework concerning more than one of the regions of Asia (East, South, and Southeast). This requirement can be fulfilled by taking at least two courses that are pan-Asian or comparative in scope or by taking at least one course on a country that is not the principal focus of a student's program.

Courses must be taken in at least three different departments.

Core courses in the cultural traditions of Asia

At least 1 course must be taken from the the list of core courses.

Asian Studies as an interdisciplinary minor

All four fields presented for external examination must be Asian Studies subjects. The four preparations in an Honors Program must be drawn from at least two different disciplines. 

Honors minor

An Asian Studies honors major need not declare a minor in another field. However, a student may designate one of his or her preparations as an honors minor. In that case, the student must fulfill all the requirements set by the relevant department or program for the honors minor.

Honors programs must represent at least two disciplines

Careful advance planning is necessary to make certain that the prerequisites for seminar preparations established by departments or programs are met. Honors preparations in Asian Studies may consist of two-credit seminars, designated pairs of courses, a one-credit course plus a one-credit attachment, a one-credit thesis in conjunction with a one-credit course, or a two-credit thesis. We encourage combinations that foster an interdisciplinary perspective. With advance approval of the Asian Studies Committee, course work or research done in a study abroad program may be incorporated into a student's Honors program.

Senior honors study (SHS) for majors

Asian Studies does not have a Senior Honors Study (SHS) requirement. Nonetheless, honors majors must fulfill the requirements for the minor (which may include an SHS) established by each department in which an honors preparation is done. 

GPA requirement

A student must earn at least a B+ in all offerings applied to the honors major.

Careful advance planning is essential to make certain that the prerequisites and requirements established by separate departments and programs have been met.

With the advance approval of the Asian Studies coordinator, coursework or research done in study abroad may be incorporated into the student's program.