Taking Time Off

Image of a snowy day at Swarthmore College.

Sometimes students take a leave of absence from Swarthmore. Time off can be a valuable and productive experience. Students who take a leave of absence may engage in a wide range of activities during their time away. Those activities frequently include tending to health concerns, volunteering at an organization, working in a paid job, taking classes at another college or university (see Swarthmore "Transfer Credit" Policy), tending to personal or family concerns, resting, or reflecting.

If you are contemplating taking a leave of absence, then you should talk with your class dean.

If you will take a leave of absence or withdraw, then you also must notify Asst. Dean for Academic Affairs Liz Derickson.

You must also notify Dean Derickson in advance of your return to Swarthmore. Deadlines: December 1 for a Spring semester return (or November 15 if advised so by a dean), July 1 for a Fall semester return.

For more details, please see the below procedures, the Student Handbook, and the College Catalog sections on expenses & faculty regulations 8.5.

Questions? Concerns? Please reach out to your class dean or Dean Derickson - by emailing, calling 610-328-8475 or by stopping by her Parrish West 109 office.