How to Write a Sophomore Plan of Study

The "Sophomore Plan" is a reflection on your experiences, and a plan for your remaining time at Swarthmore. The Plan is also a central piece of your application for your academic major(s) and - if sought - your minors(s).

The Sophomore Plan has a few parts:

Sophomore Plan I

  1. A brief (1-2 page) description of the primary interests, purposes, and principles that organize the student's program of study, including major(s), minors, off-campus study, Honors, etc.
  2. A semester-by-semester list of courses and seminars which are central to your academic program. This list will assist planning for the next two years. Note: because of leave patterns and other factors, there is no guarantee that students will be admitted to all seminars and courses they list, even if their program is approved.
  3. Any forms required by individual departments, the Honors Program, etc.

Sophomore Plan II

             The Sophomore Plan II is an opportunity to identify a non-academic goal and to outline three steps towards achieving that goal. The Plan II is a brief (1 page) document for your own reflective purposes. The Dean's Office also uses anonymous data from the Plan II for planning purposes and to get a snapshot of each class' goals. If you wish, you can indicate on the Plan II if you would like for it to be shared with relevant offices (e.g. Career Services) so that they can reach out to you with more information.