Exam Proctoring

The Student Disability Service recognizes that the logistics of proctoring extended time testing and locating a testing room (if needed) can be challenging during a busy semester, especially if you are working with several students who receive accommodations. We are happy to offer the following testing assistance for faculty should you need the help.

Final Exam Proctoring 

  • Deadline to Request for Fall 2016: Friday, November 18 (3 weeks before final exams)
  • Deadline to Request for Spring 2017: Thursday, April 13 (3 weeks before final exams)

We cannot unfortunately take requests after these deadlines due to the time needed to make the proctoring and room arrangements. 

Professors and Departments unable to proctor an extended time final exam may submit a request for the student to take his or her exam in testing classrooms that will be set aside for the Student Disability Service during the final exam period. We use proctors who are trained by the Student Disability Service. Because we have limited space and proctors, we will do our best to honor all requests, but we may not be able to fulfill every request.

To request Final Exam proctoring assistance:

  • Submit an Exam Proctor Request Form [doc] by the due date. (Hard copies are also in the bins next to the Student Disability Service in Parrish 113 West.) The form will have sections for both you and the student to complete.
  • Email or deliver the form by to: Diane Watson, Administrative Assistant, Parrish 119 West, dwatson1@swarthmore.edu
  • The Exam Proctor Request Form submission deadline is a firm deadline, so that we have enough time to review the requests and organize the logistics. We will email you and the student no later than 1 week before exams to go over the arrangements.
  • Questions? Contact Diane Watson at dwatson1@swarthmore.edu or 610-328-8364.

Mid-Terms and Other Tests during the Semester

If you discover that you or your Department is unable to proctor a test for a student with a disability who is taking a mid-term or a test during the semester, the Student Disability Service will do our best to help. Because we have limited staffing, we may not be able to meet every request, but we will do our best to help you find solutions. At least two weeks before a test, please contact Diane Watson at dwatson1@swarthmore.edu

Confidentiality Note for Faculty and Staff

Disclosure of a disability is voluntary. Information about disability status and accommodations is highly confidential. It does not become part of the student's academic record at the College and is not released without written consent unless required or permitted by law. Information about a disability is shared with members of the campus community only with permission of the student, on a need-to-know basis. We are not able to share any clinical information except in cases where the student has provided explicit permission and where more information would be helpful in implementing accommodations.

If you receive an accommodations letter from a student, please do not share information about a student's disability with others unless the student has given you permission. Please avoid discussing accommodations in front of students' classmates or other faculty and staff. We encourage you and the student to meet individually to discuss your course and any accommodations arrangements.

Please do not hesitate to contact Leslie Hempling, Director of Student Disability Services at lhempli1@swarthmore.edu or 610-690-5014 if you have any questions or concerns.