Spring 2015 Course WA Assignments

Course WAs are grouped by their course assignment. Each WA's name, email, and conference location are listed.

ANTH 9C. Cultures of the Middle East
Name E-Mail Location
Lily Jamison-Cash ljamiso1@swarthmore.edu Trotter 3rd Floor
Leo Rayfiel lrayfie1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar


BIOL 2. Organismal & Population Biology
Name E-Mail Location
Lulu Allen-Waller lallenw1@swarthmore.edu Cornell Main Floor
Jesse Bossingham jbossin1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Bolu Fakoya bfakoya1@swarthmore.edu Shane Lounge
Zoë Frank zfrank1@swarthmore.edu Cornell Main Floor
Ariel Hwang ahwang2@swarthmore.edu Science Center Commons
Tessa Jones tjones5@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors
Jae Kang jkang2@swarthmore.edu Trotter 3rd Floor
Erin Kast ekast1@swarthmore.edu Science Center Commons
Anna Lee alee4@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Dan Lai dlai2@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors
Sabrina Merold smerold1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors
Claire Yang cyang1@swarthmore.edu Science Center Commons
CHEM 57. Advanced Integrated Experimental Chemistry
Name E-Mail Location
Julia Murphy       jmurphy3@swarthmore.edu Cornell Main Floor                 
EDUC 14F. FYS: Introduction to Education (Bradley)
Name E-Mail Location
David Lazere             dlazere1@swarthmore.edu                                    
Joy Martinez jmartin4@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors
EDUC 14F. FYS: Introduction to Education (Brenneman)
Name E-Mail Location
Tahmid Rahman        trahman1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors                           
Jordan Sciascia jsciasc1@swarthmore.edu


EDUC 14. Introduction to Education (Mayorga)
Name E-Mail Location
Jaehyun Oh joh3@swarthmore.edu Science Center Comons
Tessa Williams twillia1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg 2nd Floor
ENGL 1F. FYS: Transitions to College Writing (Thomason)
Name E-Mail Location
Nehmat Kaur nkaur1@swarthmore.edu
Tom McGovern tmcgove1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
ENGL 9S. FYS: Black Liberty/Black Literature
Name E-Mail Location
Emmy Talian mtalian1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors


ENGL 52B. U.S. Fiction, 1945-Present
Name E-Mail Location
Julia Carleton jcarlet1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Jena Gilbert-Merrill jgilber2@swarthmore.edu Trotter 3rd Floor
Mike Lumetta mlumett1@swarthmore.edu Shane Lounge
Natasha Pena npena1@swarthmore.edu Trotter 3rd Floor
Alli Shultes ashulte1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
ENGL 53. Modern American Poetry
Name E-Mail Location
Kiera James         kjames1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Rose Wunrow jwunrow1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
FREN 14. Advanced French
Name E-Mail Location
Aileen Eisenberg aeisenb1@swarthmore.edu Trotter 3rd Floor


HIST 66. Disease, Culture, and Society in the Modern World
Name E-Mail Location
Amy DiPierro adipier1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors
Laurie Sellars lsellar1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar


HIST 90O. Digging Through the National Security Archive: South American 'Dirty Wars' and the United States' Involvement
Name E-Mail Location
Rachel Berger rberger2@swarthmore.edu Trotter 3rd Floor
Eve DiMagno edimagn1@swarthmore.edu


LING 1. Introduction to Language and Linguistics
Name E-Mail Location
Ian Holloway ihollow1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors
Abby Holtzman aholtzm1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Sarah Revesz srevesz1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg 2nd Floor
Alondra Rosales arosale1@swarthmore.edu Science Center Commons
MATH 3. Introduction to Mathematical Thinking
Name E-Mail Location
Danielle Greenberg dgreenb1@swarthmore.edu McCabe 1st Floor
Josh Wolfsun jwolfsu1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors


PHIL 1. Introduction to Philosophy
Name E-Mail Location
Louis Laine llaine1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Quetzal Ramirez qramire1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Ruth Talbot rtalbot1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
PHIL 3. The Meaning of Life
Name E-Mail Location
Elias Blinkoff eblinko1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
PHIL 8. Philosophy, Culture, and Film
Name E-Mail Location
Sabrina Singh     ssingh1@swarthmore.edu McCabe 1st Floor
PHIL 20. Plato
Name Email Location
Nicholas Zahorodny nzahoro1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
PSYC 25. Research Design and Analysis (Baird)
Name E-Mail Location
Ashley McQuiller amcquil1@swarthmore.edu Shane Lounge
Diondra Straiton dstrait1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors
PSYC 25. Research Design and Analysis (Norris)
Name E-Mail Location
Noelle Arroyo narroyo1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
RELG 8. Patters of Asian Religions
Name E-Mail Location
Daniel Moon dmoon1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Samantha Pellegrino spelleg1@swarthmore.edu
Kathy Sun ksun1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg 3rd Floor
Tyler Welsh twelsh1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
SPAN 8.  Spanish Conversation and Composition
Name E-Mail Location
Lucia Luna-Victoria llunavi1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
SPAN 11. Culturas de España
Name E-Mail Location
Maggie Christ mchrist2@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
SPAN 23. Introducción a la literatura latinoamericana  
Name E-Mail Location
Michelle Castellanos mastel2@swarthmore.edu Shane Lounge
Koby Levin jlevin1@swarthmore.edu
Maria Mejia mmejia1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar