Course WA Assignments

Course WAs are grouped by their course assignment. Each WA's name, email, and conference location are listed.

ANTH 9C. Cultures of the Middle East
Name E-Mail Location
Lily Jamison-Cash Trotter 3rd Floor
Leo Rayfiel Kohlberg Coffee Bar


BIOL 2. Organismal & Population Biology
Name E-Mail Location
Lulu Allen-Waller Cornell Main Floor
Jesse Bossingham Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Bolu Fakoya Shane Lounge
Zoë Frank Cornell Main Floor
Ariel Hwang Science Center Commons
Tessa Jones Parrish Parlors
Jae Kang Trotter 3rd Floor
Erin Kast Science Center Commons
Anna Lee Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Dan Lai Parrish Parlors
Sabrina Merold Parrish Parlors
Claire Yang Science Center Commons
CHEM 57. Advanced Integrated Experimental Chemistry
Name E-Mail Location
Julia Murphy Cornell Main Floor                 
EDUC 14F. FYS: Introduction to Education (Bradley)
Name E-Mail Location
David Lazere                                       
Joy Martinez Parrish Parlors
EDUC 14F. FYS: Introduction to Education (Brenneman)
Name E-Mail Location
Tahmid Rahman Parrish Parlors                           
Jordan Sciascia


EDUC 14. Introduction to Education (Mayorga)
Name E-Mail Location
Jaehyun Oh Science Center Comons
Tessa Williams Kohlberg 2nd Floor
ENGL 1F. FYS: Transitions to College Writing (Thomason)
Name E-Mail Location
Nehmat Kaur
Tom McGovern Kohlberg Coffee Bar
ENGL 9S. FYS: Black Liberty/Black Literature
Name E-Mail Location
Emmy Talian Parrish Parlors


ENGL 52B. U.S. Fiction, 1945-Present
Name E-Mail Location
Julia Carleton Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Jena Gilbert-Merrill Trotter 3rd Floor
Mike Lumetta Shane Lounge
Natasha Pena Trotter 3rd Floor
Alli Shultes Kohlberg Coffee Bar
ENGL 53. Modern American Poetry
Name E-Mail Location
Kiera James Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Rose Wunrow Kohlberg Coffee Bar
FREN 14. Advanced French
Name E-Mail Location
Aileen Eisenberg Trotter 3rd Floor


HIST 66. Disease, Culture, and Society in the Modern World
Name E-Mail Location
Amy DiPierro Parrish Parlors
Laurie Sellars Kohlberg Coffee Bar


HIST 90O. Digging Through the National Security Archive: South American 'Dirty Wars' and the United States' Involvement
Name E-Mail Location
Rachel Berger Trotter 3rd Floor
Eve DiMagno


LING 1. Introduction to Language and Linguistics
Name E-Mail Location
Ian Holloway Parrish Parlors
Abby Holtzman Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Sarah Revesz Kohlberg 2nd Floor
Alondra Rosales Science Center Commons
MATH 3. Introduction to Mathematical Thinking
Name E-Mail Location
Danielle Greenberg McCabe 1st Floor
Josh Wolfsun Parrish Parlors


PHIL 1. Introduction to Philosophy
Name E-Mail Location
Louis Laine Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Quetzal Ramirez Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Ruth Talbot Kohlberg Coffee Bar
PHIL 3. The Meaning of Life
Name E-Mail Location
Elias Blinkoff Kohlberg Coffee Bar
PHIL 8. Philosophy, Culture, and Film
Name E-Mail Location
Sabrina Singh McCabe 1st Floor
PHIL 20. Plato
Name Email Location
Nicholas Zahorodny Kohlberg Coffee Bar
PSYC 25. Research Design and Analysis (Baird)
Name E-Mail Location
Ashley McQuiller Shane Lounge
Diondra Straiton Parrish Parlors
PSYC 25. Research Design and Analysis (Norris)
Name E-Mail Location
Noelle Arroyo Kohlberg Coffee Bar
RELG 8. Patters of Asian Religions
Name E-Mail Location
Daniel Moon Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Samantha Pellegrino
Kathy Sun Kohlberg 3rd Floor
Tyler Welsh Kohlberg Coffee Bar
SPAN 8.  Spanish Conversation and Composition
Name E-Mail Location
Lucia Luna-Victoria Kohlberg Coffee Bar
SPAN 11. Culturas de España
Name E-Mail Location
Maggie Christ Kohlberg Coffee Bar
SPAN 23. Introducción a la literatura latinoamericana  
Name E-Mail Location
Michelle Castellanos Shane Lounge
Koby Levin
Maria Mejia Kohlberg Coffee Bar