Fall 2015 Course WA Assignments

Course WAs are grouped by their course assignment. Each WA's name, email, and conference location are listed.

ANTH 3G. Development and its discontents
Name  E-Mail Location
Anna Lee alee4@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg 1st Floor
Tamara Matheson  tmathes1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
BIOL 1. cellular and molecular Biology
Name E-Mail Location
Elias Blinkoff eblinko1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Kate Crowley kcrowle1@swarthmore.edu McCabe Library
Zoë Frank zfrank1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors
Anya Rose arose1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Jena Gilbert-Merrill  jgilber2@swarthmore.edu Trotter 3rd Floor
Ian Grant igrant1@swarthmore.edu Science Center Commons
Kelly Hernandez khernan2@swarthmore.edu

Science Center Commons

Daniel Lai dlai2@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors / Shane Lounge
Aaron Metheny amethen1@swarthmore.edu Cornell 1st Floor
Fran Reckers frecker1@swarthmore.edu Science Center Commons
Claire Yang cyang1@swarthmore.edu Science Center Commons
EDUC 14F. FYS: Introduction to Education (liu)
Name E-Mail Location
Mark Fallati           mfallat1@swarthmore.edu Shane Lounge                               
Becky Tang btang1@swarthmore.edu Science Center Commons
EDUC 14F. FYS: Introduction to Education (allard)
Name E-Mail Location
Jong Seok Lee jlee6@swarthmore.edu Science Center Commons
EDUC 14. introduction to education (allard)
Name E-Mail Location
Rachel Hottle rhottle1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors
EDUC 14. Introduction to Education (liu)
Name E-Mail Location
Kathy Sun ksun1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg 3rd Floor
Tahmid Rahman trahman1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors
ENGL 1F. FYS: Transitions to College Writing (Thomason)
Name E-Mail Location
Lily Frankel lfranke1@swarthmore.edu Underhill / Kohlberg
Tara Giangrande tgiangr1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
ENGL 9j. revolution and revolt
Name E-Mail Location
Cal Barnett-Mayotte cbarnet2@swarthmore.edu Trotter 3rd Floor
Mira Revesz srevesz1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg 2nd Floor
engr 3. problems in technology
Name E-Mail Location
John Calia jcalia1@swarthmore.edu McCabe Library
David Lazere dlazere1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg 2nd Floor
Griffin Kammerer  gkammer1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Emma Haviland-Blunk ehavila1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
hist 1h. fys: 1950 - cold war era
Name E-Mail Location
Rose Wunrow jwunrow1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
las 10. borders and disorders
 Name E-Mail Location
Sangeeta Subedi ssubedi1@swarthmore.edu  Trotter 3rd Floor
Name E-Mail Location
Ashley McQuiller amcquil1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors / Shane Lounge
Tessa Williams  twillia4@swarthmore.edu  McCabe 1st Floor
LITR 15S. Introduction to latino/a literature
Name E-Mail Location
Rachel Berger                               rberger2@swarthmore.edu Trotter 3rd Floor (Weekdays) / McCabe Snack Room (Weekends)
PHIL 1. INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY: Knowledge and the world
Name E-Mail Location
Daniel Block dblock1@swarthmore.edu Trotter 2nd Floor
Abigail Holtzman aholtzm1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Andrew Kim jkim14@swarthmore.edu Science Center Commons
PHIL 8b. Philosophy, culture, and film
 Name E-Mail Location
Louis Laine llaine1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Kyrstyn Ong kong1@swarthmore.edu Science Center Commons / Kohlberg Coffee Bar
pols 1. political theory
Name E-Mail Location
Anita Desai adesai2@swarthmore.edu Trotter 3rd Floor
Nehmat Kaur nkaur1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Tyler Welsh twelsh1@swarthmore.edu  Kohlberg Coffee Bar
pols 2. american politics
Name E-Mail Location
Ryan Kennedy     rkenned1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors
Moeko Noda  mnoda2@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Joshua Wolfsun jwolfsu1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors
PSYC 25. Research Design and Analysis
Name E-Mail Location
Christina Chen xchen1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors
Emma King eking1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg 2nd Floor
SPAN 8.  Spanish Conversation and Composition
Name E-Mail Location
Bret Serbin bserbin1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg 3rd Floor
Maria Castaneda mcastan1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
SPAN 10. en busca de latinoamérica
Name E-Mail Location
Maggie Christ mchrist2@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
SPAN 22. Introducción a la literatura española
Name E-Mail Location
Michelle Castellanos mastel2@swarthmore.edu Shane Lounge
Mishel Figueroa mfiguer1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
SPAN 56. Dón Quijote
Name E-Mail Location
Koby Levin jlevin1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar