Center for Innovation & Leadership

Center for Innovation & Leadership


Leadership in the 21st century demands vision and a sense of purpose, cross-cultural fluency, creative thinking, innovation, and flexibility. The Center for Innovation and Leadership provides opportunities for Swarthmore students to develop the abilities to lead and inspire, to listen and learn in ways that meet the challenges of our time, and to reflect the values of our community.

The Center was built on a solid foundation of resources and programs already in place, including the Career Services Office, the Program for Socially Responsible Leadership, and the Jonathan R. Lax Conference on Entrepreneurship. Additional areas of focus will include alumni mentoring programs and an Alumni Fellows Program focusing on innovation.

In Spring 2013, under the Center's auspices, Shalom Saar '74 brought to campus his highly acclaimed program Know Thyself, which has ignited a passion for leadership in people around the globe. Shaar challenges emerging leaders to thoroughly understand who they are that they can think and act in ways that solve the complex challenges they face. Bringing thought leaders like Shaar to Swarthmore is one of the ways in which the Center works to promote leadership skills among our students.

Center for Innovation & Leadership Committee Members:

Liz Braun, Dean of Students, chair

Karen Borbee, Professor of Physical Education

John Caskey, Professor of Economics

Deb Kardon-Brown, Assistant Director for Student Programs, Lang Center

Dierdre Konar, Associate Director of Capital Giving

Erin Massey, Associate Director of Career Services

Brian Meunier, Professor of Studio Art

Lynne Molter '79, Professor of Engineering

John Oh '13

Andrew Reuther '94, Academic Technologist, ITS

Lisa Sendrow '13

Minh Vo '14