Swat Tank Presentation

Swat Tank, an idea competition, focuses on an inclusive model, one that provides students with the opportunity to take a rough idea, product, or concept and develop it towards its next incarnation, ideation, or realization. The process will culminate at the SwatTank Innovation Competition at the LAX Conference for Entrepreneurship on April 2, 2016. Designed to educate and support students in all stages of entrepreneurship, the Innovation Incubator will spend more time working through the ideation phase of the innovation process for students interested in either building a business or social enterprise. Any student with an idea is encouraged to participate in SwatTank and no prior experience is necessary. SwatTank aims to equip students with the tools needed to become successful entrepreneurs by developing the following:

  • Co-thinking space: students with creative ideas can come together and talk about development, feasibility and implementation of their ideas as a community.
  • Starting point: where students with little or no experience in business can learn the basics of entrepreneurship.
  • Resources: Alumni mentors with experience in business and entrepreneurship, the Center for Innovation and Leadership, & Career Services.
  • Skill building: a great venue to practice public speaking and team-work skills SwatTank is co-sponsored by The Center for Innovation and Leadership, Career Services, LAX Conference for Entrepreneurship