Pre-Registration from Away

Students on personal leave of absence should confirm with Dean Liz Derickson (ederick1) that your return is expected or approved (if approval is needed), and then follow these instructions.

Students on approved Study Abroad programs should follow these instructions for how to pre-register from away.

A. Confer with your Academic Adviser(s)

The ideal is to communicate with your faculty adviser(s) and/or the chair(s) of your actual or prospective major department(s) before pre-registration to make sure that whatever credits you may be earning while away as well as your future registration plans are compatible with completion of the major(s) and all other requirements for the degree on schedule with your planned graduation date. If you can't confer with your adviser before pre-registration, try to pre-register anyway, and confer with your adviser after. This should include examining in detail how, in your remaining semesters (including the ones away), all of your requirements will be met and, especially, how you will complete your major and your honors program, if you are hoping or planning to do honors.

B. Pre-Register for your return semester

Use mySwarthmore if you can, just as if you were on campus

If somehow you cannot use mySwarthmore, then...

  1. Tell the instructor(s) your wish to be in their course(s) or seminar(s), and then request in writing (email, fax, or mail) to have your name entered on the list for the course(s) and/or seminar(s) offered at that future time. If you cannot tell who the instructor is, contact the Department Chair.
  2. If you are participating in a Swarthmore Semester/Year Abroad Program, you should also send a copy of these communications to the Swarthmore Off-Campus Study Office, which will re-remind the instructor(s) on your behalf. Please note: This procedure does not guarantee you membership in the course(s) and/or seminar(s) at issue. Normally, however, it will make the probability of membership the same as it would be if you were here next semester to participate in the pre-registration.

C. As needed, use a drop/add form upon returning to Swarthmore

If you were not able to use mySwarthmore to pre-register, when you arrive at Swarthmore to begin your return semester, formally register for that semester by completing either a green registration form or a drop/add form and submitting this to the Registrar's Office on or before the first two (2) days of classes. You may drop/add after that, but please do so on a separate form, after having registered. Forms are available at the Registrar's Office. If, for your return semester, you happen to be on campus during First-Year Registration in August, you may attend, but you are not required to do so; you may simply complete the form and hand it in to the Registrar during the first two days of classes.