Faculty & Staff Information

What are meal plans and how can I get one?

A Faculty & Staff Meal Plan is a block of meals for use in the dining hall that will be added to your OneCard. Currently, there are two offerings: the 10 Meal Plan ($60) and the 20 Meal Plan ($110). These will work as a declining balance, meaning that one meal will be deducted from your account each time you swipe in at the dining hall.  Faculty and Staff Meal Plans may be purchased at the OneCard office. Your meals can be used at any time that Sharples is serving. 

Do my meals expire?

Faculty & Staff meals do not expire and will roll over from year to year.  Unused meals are non-refundable.

What is Garnet Cash and how do I get it?

Garnet Cash is a prepaid declining balance account accessed with your OneCard that works like a debit card. Garnet Cash can be used at any campus dining or retail location (Sharples Dining Hall, Essie Mae’s, Science Center Coffee Bar, Kohlberg Coffee Bar, and the Campus and Community Store). You may add Garnet Cash to your OneCard by logging on to the GET web site.

Does my Garnet Cash expire?

Garnet Cash does not expire and will roll over from year to year.  A refund of any unused Garnet Cash will be issued after termination of employment from the college upon request.