Listen: Tasha Lewis '12 on Art Beyond Critical Study

Earlier in the semester, Tasha Lewis '12 spoke on campus about her project to illustrate each page of James Joyce's Ulysses. The project was motivated by a close study of the text and surrounding critical studies.

Lewis is an artist from Indianapolis, Ind., currently working at the studios of Aferro Gallery in Newark, N.J. Her art practice bridges the hard strength of sculpture with the hand-powered detail and tactility of textiles. While working across a wide range of themes, she has honed a technique for making light, flexible paper, and tape sculpture that is covered in a fabric skin. The relationship between the skin and the form is the same as it is in nature; the stretched surface molds around the solid interior without loosing its softness and vulnerability. It is this connection which attracts her to the natural world. What began as experimentation in faux-taxidermy has become more about Lewis: exploration of the stitch as mark, female craft, and her position as a woman in the art world.

Lewis graduated from Swarthmore with High Honors in English literature and studio art. In 2012, her butterfly art installation, which landed in Chicago, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and at the College, drew national attention.

Following the talk a dedication of her Butterfly Cascade, the new art installation in McCabe Library, took place. See below for a time-lapse video by David Neal of the installation.