Listen: Steven Hopkins On "Time and the River: Hindu Goddesses of Life and Death"

Professor of Religion Steven Hopkins was the first speaker for this semester's Second Tuesday Arts & Humanities Cafes. Hopkins, who is also the coordinator of Asian Studies, has received many awards and fellowships for his research and translation. His major academic field is South Indian devotional literature in Sanskrit and Tamil, with special attention to the work of a medieval (14th century) South Indian saint-poet Veṅkaṭanātha, best known by his honorific title Vedāntadeśika or "Preceptor of the Vedanta."

Second Tuesday Arts & Humanities Cafes are a monthly series that highlight the intellectual relevance of humanities approaches to arts and culture, on topics ranging from visual narratives in Japan, to reflections on life and death in South Indian religions, to current intersections of theater, dance, and music performance in the United States. Events are geared for individuals with no formal background in the Arts & Humanities. The only requirement is curiosity.