Listen: Software Engineer Jeff Kaufman '08 on Effective Altruism

This spring, Jeff Kaufman '08 visited campus to give a talk, "Effective Altruism in Practice." Kaufman discussed how he began to donate half of his income in 2009 and connected with other people who wanted to make altruism an important part of their lives, coalescing into a small movement called "effective altruism."

Kaufman talks about his path - from earning money as a Google programmer specifically in order to donate it, to building a mobile money system in West Africa - and shares some of the ways other people have tried to put effective altruism into practice. 

Kaufman, a member of Giving What We Can, keeps a popular blog in which he shares his ideas on issues such as how to make donations more effective. 

Kaufman graduated with Honors from Swarthmore with double majors in computer science and linguistics. He works as a software engineer at Wave.