The following medieval studies courses are currently offered at Swarthmore (see catalog sections for individual departments to determine when courses are being offered). Majors and minors are also allowed to include medieval courses from Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and the University of Pennsylvania in their curriculum.

Art History

ARTH 014. Medieval Survey
ARTH 045. Gothic Art and Architecture
ARTH 147. Visual Narrative in Medieval Art


CLAS 060. Dante's Divine Comedy

English Literature

ENGL 010. Survey I: Beowulf to Milton
ENGL 014. Old English/History of the Language; cross listed as LING 014
ENGL 016. Chaucer
ENGL 019. Chaucer and Shakespeare
ENGL 046. Tolkien and Pullman and Their Literary Roots
ENGL 102. Chaucer and Medieval Literature


HIST 001A. The Barbarian North
HIST 001T. Cross and Crescent: Muslim-Christian Relations in Historical Perspective
HIST 002A. Medieval Europe
HIST 006A. The Formation of the Islamic Near East
HIST 012. Chivalric Society: Knights, Ladies, and Peasants
HIST 014. Friars, Heretics, and Female Mystics: Religious Turmoil in the Middle Ages
HIST 015. From Rome to Renaissance Florence: Making Urban Europe
HIST 016. Sex, Sin, and Kin in Early Europe
HIST 111. Medieval Mediterranean


LATN 014. Medieval Latin

Medieval Studies

MDST 096. Thesis
MDST 180. Senior Honors Thesis


MUSI 020. Medieval and Renaissance Music
MUSI 047. Fetter Chamber Music Program (in which one can focus on medieval repertory)


RELG 008B. The Qur'an and Its Interpreters
RELG 011B. The Religion of Islam: The Islamic Humanities
RELG 014B. Christian Life and Thought in the Middle Ages
RELG 020B. Prophets and Visionaries: Christian Mysticism Through the Ages
RELG 030B. The Power of Images: Icons and Iconoclasts
RELG 031B. Religion and Literature: From the Song of Songs to the Hindu Saints
RELG 053. Gender, Sexuality and the Body in Islam
RELG 100. Holy War, Martyrdom, and Suicide in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
RELG 108. Poets, Saints, and Storytellers: The Poetry and Poetics of Devotion in South Asian Religions
RELG 114. Love and Religion
RELG 119. Islamic Law and Society
RELG 127. Heresy and Secrecy