Current semester information on courses can be found on the Registrar's Math & Stat catalog pages. To search available courses visit the online Course Schedule.  Any further changes since the online catalog was last updated, including new course offerings, can be found at the Registrar's Course Announcements page.

For a listing of anticipated future course offerings, see the Last Two Years document [pdf].

Note: In the department's current numbering scheme for courses numbered under 100, the ones digit indicates the subject matter, and the other digits indicate the level. In most cases, a ones digit of 1 or 2 means statistics, 3 to 6 means continuous mathematics, and 7 to 9 means noncontinuous mathematics (algebra, number theory, and discrete math). Courses below 10 do not count for the major, from 10 to 39 are first- and second-year courses, from 40 to 59 are intermediate, in the 60s are core upper-level courses; from 70 to 89 are courses that have one or more core courses as prerequisites, and in the 90s are independent reading courses.