Academic Program: Summary of Contents

Academic Program

NOTE: Much of the information on these pages can also be found in the Swarthmore Course Catalog. The catalog takes precedence if there is conflicting information.

  • Major Requirements: A description of the requirements for a regular (non-honors) major in mathematics.
  • Minor Requirements: A description of the requirements for a regular (non-honors) major in mathematics.
  • Honors Program: The honors program is one of the treasures of Swarthmore College and we encourage those students coming in with a strong background in mathematics to give serious consideration to this program. Described here are the requirements for becoming an honors major in mathematics.
  • Teaching Certification: If you are considering becoming a mathematics teacher, here is information on what we require in order for you to earn teaching certification from our department.
  • Courses: A list of the courses we offer. Students also have the opportunity to go beyond these standard offerings through the Senior Conference, through summer research, and sometimes through directed reading courses.
  • Placement Information: Information on how we determine placement and credit for your prior work, including AP exams, college work and the like.
  • Math 15 honors attachment: A description of Math 15-HA, an honors attachment to calculus.
  • Transfer Credit: Information on how we determine credit for courses taken at comparable colleges or universities during the summer or during a semester on leave.
  • Last Two Years [pdf]: This document presents possibilities for a major's or honors major's program for the last two years of study.
  • Sophomore pre-application Form: Please fill out this form if you would like to apply.