Requesting a Tutor

Individual tutors are available and are funded by the Dean's Office. Tutors are assigned as requests come in provided that there are tutors available for your course. If you need help with your coursework it is expected that you first try to get help through office hours and Math Clinics. If you find that you need more individual attention than office hours and Math Cllinics provide then you can request a tutor. Here are the steps for getting a tutor:

  1. Talk to your professor. Your professor must approve that a tutor is a necessary option for you. Also, you and your professor should discuss exactly what needs to be worked on during tutoring sessions.
  2. Talk to Kaitlyn Litwinetz (SC 136) and she will match you up with a tutor based on your needs.
  3. Once a tutor is assigned to you it is your responsibilty to contact him/her and set up a meeting time and location. Usually 1 hour of tutoring per week will suffice and you can meet anywhere that is convenient for both you and the tutor.

Tutoring is paid for by the Dean's Office. Their expectation is that tutoring will be a short term affair, and that the total number of hours of tutoring for a student will be at most 10. To authorize more than 10 hours, the Dean's Office needs a note from the department supporting the request. So, always let Kaitlyn Litwinetz know if you are getting close to the 10 hour limit.