Swarthmore's Student Organizations

180 Degrees Consulting                 

It is a student-run chapter of the larger 180 Degrees Consulting, which carries out consulting services for non-profits around the area. We aim to provide a community for students aspiring to do consulting as a career.                     


ABLLE is a student group for Black and Latino male students, which is dedicated towards brotherhood, excellence and civic responsibility.

Aikido Club              

Swarthmore Aikido Club is open to all students and faculty, and staffs at Swarthmore College. We organize Aikido practice twice a week at 7:30pm to 8:30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. The practices are instructed by Sensei Nathaniel Nichols, who is a 5th Dan (5th level black belt) in Kokikai Aikido.  During the meetings, students will learn techniques, practice self-defence skills and have good exercise. Aikido club also works with the physical education department to offer PE credits to individuals who participate regularly.

Animal Allies           

The mission of Animal Allies is to raise awareness about the exploitation of animals and work towards ending their suffering through avenues such as advocating and campaigning for policies that bring about positive change for animals, engaging in animal-related community service, and providing resources to guide individuals to more compassionate lifestyle choices.

Anime Club  

Do you like watching anime? Do you like watching things in fun groups? Do you like eating ramen in Philly? Come join Anime club where you can do all of these things and much much more.

Anscombe Society at Swarthmore College                      

We are a group that offers a supportive space for students to practice abstinence in college and engage in discourse around the topics of family, marriage, and sexual integrity.

Ashtanga Yoga Club                       

The yoga club focuses on making a vinyasa yoga practice accessible to Swarthmore students and faculty. We offer several all-levels, student led classes each week. Classes are open to everyone regardless of ability or experience. We also take hot yoga classes at Enso studio in Media about every other week each semester.

Belly Dancing          

Our group was created to provide belly dancing classes at Swarthmore. We have one-hour classes once a week with a professional teacher from off campus. We learn the basics of belly dancing, more advanced moves as well as how to use various props, while keeping with the long-standing traditions of belly dancing.

Bird Club of Swarthmore College

A club devoted to the recreational observation of wild birds, primarily in the Crum Woods. Other planned activities include guest speakers and field trips outside the Swarthmore area.

Boy Meets Tractor 

We are Swarthmore's one and only sketch comedy troupe


Tri-Co a capella group specializing in non-American music.

Club Volleyball       

Club volleyball team that competes competitively against schools in the region during the spring. Practices three times a week including games during the spring and whenever the gym is available during the fall.

College Access Center of Delaware County        

The College Access Center of Delaware County (CACDC) works to improve college access among high school students and adults by providing them with services such as tutoring, mentoring, study skills development, and guidance with college applications.

College Democrats  

College Democrats is a political group that engages in political activism, both locally and nationally. We meet every week to discuss politics, canvass and phone bank for candidates and causes (especially during election season), help organize and hold registration drives, and generally try and get Democratic candidates elected, particularly in Pennsylvania. We also hold an annual lobbying trip to Washington D.C. where we pick an issue we feel is relevant to college students and meet with various congressmen and their representatives about it. In addition, we typically have a viewing of the TV show The West Wing twice a month and hold several all-campus events/parties throughout the year.


Dare 2 Soar is the largest and oldest tutoring program at Swarthmore College, and is the largest student-run group under the administration of the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility. Dare 2 Soar sends tutors into nearby Chester, Pennsylvania to give homework help and educational assistance to students grades K-12 each week during the academic year. Our tutors come from all sorts of backgrounds and interests, but all come dedicated to serving the community of Chester. The program is conducted as a component of the after school programs at 8 different sites. We also operate a full-day mentoring program in which students from Chester come to Swarthmore on Saturdays.

DART (Drug and Alcohol Resource Team)          

The Drug and Alcohol Resource Team (DART) is a student-driven alcohol and other-drug support (AOD), which offers educational and peer-based resources from an inclusive and accepting framework. DART aims to raise awareness of how expectations, culture, and personal choice can impact AOD decision-making on an individual and group level. AOD-related issues are very prevalent on college campuses, and DART is committed to being an excellent resource for a wide spectrum of students with differing AOD views.

Democratic Socialists of Swarthmore      

DSS is a political, philosophical, and activist organization dedicated to promoting democracy, equitable resource distribution, and social justice movements through discussion, education, and collaboration with other groups both in and around Swarthmore. DSS puts an emphasis on the intersectionality of the issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, and the environment, and seeks to act as a unifying force for solidarity across all social movements.


DESHI hopes to raise awareness about South Asian identity and culture and hopes to promote events and discussions on campus about these topics.


We're the organizing body for Ecosphere and the collective organizing space for all the sub-groups and organizations that are part of ecosphere.

Earthworms (Men's Ultimate)       

Men's ultimate frisbee team.


Latinx Student Affinity Group under the Intercultural Center, which serves to provide support and programming to the self-identifying Latinx students on campus. We host a variety of social events, community events, and academic events throughout the year as well as bi-weekly meetings or dinners that cover a variety of themes and topics.

Environmental Justice                    

The Chester Gardening Cooperative is a collaboration between of Swarthmore students and Chester residents to maintain a community garden located in the Ruth L. Bennett Homes, one of Chester's public housing developments.


Farepath hopes to collect food donations through an app system so that there is a stronger relationship between the donor and the collector. Through his Lang Scholarship, Jason set up the groundwork for his app and worked with local residents to collect food. I hope to continue the operations on campus since Jason has now graduated, while he works to further the organization as a whole.

Folk Dance Club     

Swarthmore Folk Dance runs weekly English and Scottish folk dancing lessons for PE credit, hosts contra dances and a yearly ball, sponsors trips to area folk dance events, and runs a longsword dancing group which performs 3 times per year.

Global Neighbors    

Our organization aims to raise awareness for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Every week, students volunteer at a local disability school called CADES. We also send student volunteers to China every year to work with those suffering from leprosy.

Good Food Project   

The Good Food Project provides a space on campus for students to explore and discuss issues surrounding food production and consumption. We run a student garden on campus, bee hives, and host Swarthmore's annual Meat Day.

Gospel Choir

Swarthmore Gospel Choir is a singing group open to all people of different backgrounds and beliefs. No auditions are required to join.


Swarthmore's Yearbook


Swarthmore Korean culture group


Hapa seeks to build a community for students who identify as both part Asian and mixed race.  We aim to create a space for hapa-identifying students to socialize and share their experiences with those sharing similar backgrounds, as well as to create awareness of the unique challenges and stories surrounding hapa identity.


International Club of Swarthmore.

Interfaith Center     

Swarthmore Interfaith includes all students of faith and official faith-based/religious/spiritual groups on campus. We bring speakers, organize interfaith storytelling, host dinners, and generally act as a connecting bridge for faith life on campus.

Kappa Alpha Theta 

We are the largest women's group on campus, coming together to support each other as driven, ambitious people with a concern for community improvement. As such, our primary activities are large scale philanthropy events for our charity cause, service trips, and sisterhood activities.

Kitao Gallery           

Kitao is a student art gallery that holds exhibitions throughout the year.  We are also in the process of expanding the purpose of the space to be a more comprehensive artistic workspace and a performance venue for students and clubs.


Kizuna is Swarthmore College's Japanese culture club. Kizuna provides a place to build community around shared interest in Japanese culture for students of varied backgrounds.  We promote diversity from within the group by talking about our own heritage and express this value through open and welcoming weekly dinners as well as campus-wide events.

Lenape Language and Culture Club        

We are a club dedicated to learning about the history, culture, and language of the Lenape people, who are indigenous to the land on which Swarthmore's campus sits.

Meditation Club      

Swat Meditation is a group that gets together to practice mindfulness and meditation. Each meeting is half to 1 hour and varies in activity from silent/guided (Zen) meditation to sensation awareness techniques to om circles. We have the goal of making this as accessible as possible to anyone regardless of past experience or religious/non-religious affiliation, as well as to introduce a range of meditation techniques for aspiring meditators.

Men's Club Soccer  

Men's Club Soccer: a place to come practice a few times a week, play competitive matches on weekends, and hang out with a great bunch of swatties.

Men’s Club Volleyball       

Go to the gym - play volleyball.  We are a year round club sport that gives PE credit in the spring.  Practices are generally 2-3 times a week.  All skill levels are welcome.  Come join and enjoy!

Men's Rugby

We are a group of people who get together and play rugby.

Mixed Company      

Mixed Company (better known on campus as MoCo) is Swarthmore's oldest co-ed a cappella group, founded in 1991.  Mixed Company performs several times each semester at Swarthmore in a variety of styles, ranging from pop and rock to ballads and R&B.

Mock Trial   

We are an organization dedicated to learning trial advocacy by running a simulated case (civil or criminal) each year. For people interested in the law, prepare to examine witnesses, fight objection battles, and give heart-wrenching closing statements. For those more theatrically inclined, there's a whole host of character and expert witnesses for you to impersonate and improvise for. Check out our group for a fun, law-oriented challenge. Case closed.


Motherpuckers is a hockey club, which allows students of all experience levels and backgrounds to play hockey twice a week at the local rink.

Mountain Justice    

We are a group of students, faculty, and alumni calling on the Swarthmore Board of Managers to divest our endowment from fossil fuels and reinvest in just and sustainable solutions to the climate crisis.


Multi is a community for people who self-identify as multiracial, multiethnic, multicultural, and/or multireligious. Multi supports the exploration and navigation of multiple identities that are unaddressed or marginalized in mainstream society. We aim to create a close-knit community in which intersectionality and the complexities of multi-ness are celebrated and explored; this space is necessary at Swarthmore and in the world. We will share our stories, take in multimedia and literature, and engage in discussions. Multi is for those looking for a homebase community at Swarthmore, as well as those looking for a bridge to other cultural groups; it is for those who have thought a lot about their identity as well as those just beginning to. With regular meetings, discussions, and special events we hope to foster new relationships and create a safe community that emphasises belongingness and interconnectedness among community members.

Muslim Students Association                    

Swarthmore College Muslim Student Association  functions as an open group, providing a support system for its members through regular meetings, establishing regular congregational prayer, and connecting Swarthmore with the Tri-Co interfaith community. Additionally SIS works to educate the larger campus community about Islam and the experiences of Muslims, and serves as a resource to promote knowledge, understanding, and positive interactions among students, faculty and staff on campus.

Native American Student Organization       


With the dawn of Valentine's Day, we don our ninja masks and creep stealthily from classroom to classroom, delivering cards and truffles and engaging in duels.


We exist to provide members and non-members with a space to write, watch, and perform poetry and slam poetry. Regular activities include participating in writing workshops, performing in monthly open mics, creating collaborative pieces with other members, weekly meetings to write and exchange feedback, learning from visiting poets, and once a year CUPSI conference participation. The group has at least doubled in size over the past years, and our all-campus events are attended by a large portion of the student body.


We are OffBeat, Swarthmore's latest-and-greatest co-ed a cappella group! Now entering our third year, we perform everything from chart-topping pop songs to classic hits.


Swarthmore's Outing Club - taking Swatties hiking, climbing, backpacking, and rafting since before you were born. Go outside or go home.

Peaslee Debate Society

Swarthmore's competitive debating society. Peaslee Debate travels across the country and the world competing in parliamentary style debate. All new members, regardless of past experience, are welcome!


We organize Peripeteia, a weekend in January where any member of the community can lead a course on anything. We also organize prelude discussion panels and are recipients of the community development grant.


Support group for queer-asian pacific islander identifying individuals.

Psi Phi (not a frat)   

We're the sci fi/fantasy club. Want to talk about your current read over dinner? Watch geeky movies and shows with your friends? Find a D&D campaign? Hunt pterodactyls with foam swords? We're your club. (P.S. We have a secret library)

Quest Scholars

Quest Scholars is an organization comprised of low-income, high achieving students. The purpose of the club is to help connect students to resources on campus like financial aid, career services, and the Lang Center, in addition to hosting monthly discussions on socioeconomic status and identity.


We meet twice a week, get our equipment ready, and then engage in an hour and a half of the muggle version of Quidditch. No, our brooms don't fly, but somehow we still make it work. Imagine if rugby, European handball, and dodge ball were thrown together in one sport... that's basically quidditch.

Really Bad Sketch Comedy           

We do video making for a youtube channel aimed at a somewhat edgier comedic viewpoint

Rhythm N' Motion Company         

RnM was born from the response of several individuals who wanted to express themselves and create a community through the dance styles of the African Diaspora, but found no appropriate outlet through Swarthmore°Øs curriculum. The group has now evolved into a Tri_College performance based group. The styles of the African Diaspora now serve the group as an influential place mark in our history that we adhere to through the combination of current member’s diverse strengths with the styles of our founding.

Roosevelt @ Swarthmore   

Roosevelt @ Swarthmore is part of a national network of diverse thinkers and doers working to re-define the rules that guide our social and economic realities. We re-think and re-shape everything from local policy to federal legislation, orienting toward a new system, designed by many for the good of all. The Roosevelt Institute is our intellectual home, providing a values and ideas framework to guide the change we’re creating.


In accordance with the values and goals of the BCC (Black Cultural Center), the organization ROOTS aims to advocate for the wellbeing, support, and empowerment of black students either interested in or majoring in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields at Swarthmore college. ROOTS emphasizes that diversity is crucial to progress in these fields and that a diversity of mindsets, experiences, and ways of thought leads to more progress and makes a community of learners so much stronger and potent.


Weekly salsa dancing lessons

Swarthmore College Computer Society (SCCS)

SCCS provides technical services to the campus body at large.

Sexual Health Advocates    

The Sexual Health Advocates are Swarthmore's go-to peer resource for all things pertaining to sexual health and advocacy! Although we're primarily known for providing free condoms on our doors, we are trained to talk to students about sexual health and relationships, gender and sexuality, contraception, and more!

Sixteen Feet 

Sixteen feet is a student-lead, all-male a cappella group. They can often be seen performing gigs both on and off campus in their signature plaid shirts, denim jeans, and bare feet.

Southeast Asian Students Association (SASA)  

A Support Group for Southeast Asian Students

Speak 2 Swatties     

Speak 2 Swatties is a group of student peer counselors who are available to counsel other students, plan mental health awareness events, and plan counseling based events.


STAND is a student-led, anti-genocide and mass atrocity group. We mostly work on awareness events, bringing speakers to campus and occasionally showing films. It's a great way to learn more about mass atrocities and human rights abuses taking place in the world today.

Student Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philly (SREHUP)              

Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine (SPJP)       

SPJP is a student group committed to raising awareness about the humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian territories.

Swarthmore African Students Association (SASA)       

SASA is an on-campus organization dedicated to serving Swarthmore's African population (both immigrant and first generation). A close-knit group, SASA provides academic, social, and cultural support for African students, and serves the greater purpose of spreading awareness about the continent across cultural lines.

Swarthmore African-American Student Society

The Swarthmore African-American Student Society intends to provide support for its members primarily through political and community building activities. The major goals of the organization are to increase the number of Black students, faculty and staff; infuse a greater Black perspective into the curriculum; improve the quality of life for Black students on campus; advocate for the advancement of Black people outside of Swarthmore; and to maintain a strong supportive Black community.

Swarthmore Asian Organization  

The Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO), est. 1987, is a support, social, and political group open to any Swarthmore student who self-identifies as an Asian, Pacific Islander, Asian American, or Pacific Islander American. SAO aims to provide:

-A safe place for API/As to find community and support

-An educational and cultural setting to explore, share, and celebrate experiences and perspectives as API/As.

-A channel for political action, social awareness, and cultural programming for the campus community at large."

Swarthmore Capoeira                    

Swarthmore Capoeira is a cultural, dance, and martial-arts organization that seeks to build a community of practitioners of the Brazilian martial art on campus.

Swarthmore Chabad           

Swathmore Chabad offers Jewish educational program for all interested students -- from Bagels and Torah to roll sushi in the Sukka to a more intense Sinai Scholars Fellowship course. We also offer weekly home-cooked Shabbat dinners at our Haverford Rohr Center for Jewish Life. Visit trichabad.org for more info and full schedule

Swarthmore Chinese Society        

Swarthmore Christian Fellowship       

Swarthmore Equestrian Club        

Swarthmore Feminists       

Meets weekly for dinner discussions on any topic connected to feminism. A few past topics include: the importance of intersectionality, Misogyny & Mental Illness, and the portrayal of women in music videos.

Swarthmore Fencing Team           

The Swarthmore Fencing Team is a club where students can practice any of the three weapons. We hold regular practices and attend fencing competitions around the country.

Swarthmore Hong Kong Student Association               

Swarthmore Journal of Science    

Swarthmore Journal of Science aims to promote scientific dialogue and awareness in the Swarthmore community by providing an avenue in which scientific curiosity, research, discussion, and opinions are vocalized. SJS’s mission is to publish high-quality and reputable scientific opinion pieces from Swarthmore students and alumni to foster scientific dialogue on campus. While SJS focuses specifically on the natural sciences, the publications will aim to discuss their relevance in other disciplines and their interdisciplinary implications. SJS provides the opportunity to increase science literacy among students and faculty. SJS hopes to publish high-quality scientific pieces that are accessible to non-science readers.

Swarthmore Kehilah          

Swarthmore Kehilah is a pluralistic community that is based on the principle of radical welcoming and joyful engagement with Jewish traditions and culture. Through Kehilah’s programming, Jewish students (and our many friends and community members from other religious backgrounds) come together to cook, eat, discuss, ask questions, play games, pray, sing and build.  We hold weekly Shabbat services and student-cooked dinners, community service opportunities, Jewish holiday programming, discussion groups and classes on Jewish tradition, and support many other communal activities organized by Jewish students on campus.

Swarthmore Labor Action Project (SLAP)

Swarthmore Life Drawing 

We provide opportunities for Swarthmore students to draw from a live model and improve their figure and life drawing skills. This is for both experienced art students and people who are interested in beginning to learn to draw the figure.

Swarthmore Mariachi (Los Parangaricutirimicuaros)   

Los Parangaricutirimicuaros is an organization that believes in the benefits of exposing students to traditional Mexican mariachi music.  Los Parangaricutirimicuaros is devoted to learning and improving the musical skills of its members.  The band also seeks to increase accessibility to Latin music for all Swarthmore students and creating an atmosphere of comfortable communication regarding Mariachi music for those who wish to learn.

Swarthmore Martial Arts Club     

A group that teaches and practices different styles of martial arts, especially karate and tae kwon do.

Swarthmore Model UN       

As Swarthmore's Model United Nation's team we travel to various conferences and compete against other colleges.  Topics range from role-playing the security council in a crisis setting to representing a member on the central committee of the Black Panther Party.

Swarthmore Newman Catholic Center    

We facilitate weekly Catholic events such as Sunday mass, daily mass, adoration, retreats, and more. Our chaplain is Father Jaehwa Lee.

Swarthmore Organization of Low Income Students (SOLIS)  

"Because low-income students are a diverse group that face a common set of unique issues, Swarthmore Organization of Low-Income Students (SOLIS) creates a safe space for social development and networking for low-income students, to let them know they are not alone in the Swarthmore College community by: Helping low-income students balance the cultures at home and at Swarthmore through guidance from upperclassmen and alumni who also come from low-income backgrounds

SPC: Swarthmore’s Progressive Christian Community

Rooted in the mainline Protestant traditions, welcoming all seekers of God into hospitable fellowship. Finding divine revelation in scripture, tradition, community, creation, and the gift of human reason.  Students who are Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Quaker, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, UU, Catholic, agnostic, none or all of the of the above. Seeking, learning, wondering, questioning, affirming, welcoming, praying, singing, laughing, thinking, celebrating.

Swarthmore Phoenix          

The Phoenix is the independent campus newspaper of Swarthmore College.

Swarthmore Pre-Law Society        

Swarthmore Queer Union 

We have a variety of Queer/Trans groups at Swarthmore including but not limited to Swarthmore Queer Union, Colors, Picante, PersuAsian, Ace of Clubs(the Club for Aces), and more! Various groups are open or closed and usually meet weekly to discuss various issues of the LGBTQ+ community and/or have group activities

Swarthmore Shogi Club    

Weekly group that meets to teach and play Shogi, otherwise known as Japanese Chess

Swarthmore Smash

The mission of Swat Smash is to provide a friendly game environment where Smash Brothers players can enjoy themselves with like-minded students. Swat Smash is driven by collaboration, openness, friendly competition, and creativity.

Swarthmore Squash Club  

We are a co-ed club squash team that trains three times a week at Fairmount Squash Club. We also participate in the annual CSA Men's Championship every year and were the champions for the Hawthorn Cup last season.

Swarthmore Students for Liberty 

SFL is formerly known as Swarthmore Conservative Society. We're an organization dedicated to promoting classically liberal ideas and dialog on campus. We also serve as an outlet for moderate, conservative, and libertarian students to come together within Swarthmore's mainly progressive environment.

Swarthmore Swing Club

Swarthmore Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) 

VITA is a US government program that is organized at Swarthmore through the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility. Swarthmore VITA aims to train and coordinate volunteers to prepare income taxes for low-income and elderly residents in Delaware County.

Swarthmore Warmothers   

We are a women's ultimate frisbee team

Swarthmore Water Polo Club       

The Swarthmore College Water Polo Club offers a fun environment for beginners to learn the sport, a space for experienced players to improve, and is an exciting way to promote fitness on campus.

Swarthmore Women's Rugby        

Swarthmore women's rugby is a club level rugby team. Prior athletic experience is not required. All women on campus are welcomed to join, and will be taught how to play rugby.

Swarthmore Women's Varsity and Men's Club Badminton Teams     

The badminton teams train together during four two-hour practices each week. During the season, we compete with Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges and also in open tournaments. Pre-season begins in September, and the official season starts in January and ends in April.

Swat Circus  

Whether you're a seasoned circus freak or you've never let your feet leave the ground, Swat Circus welcomes all who are interested in aerials, trapeze, juggling, tightwire, and more! We take weekly Saturday trips to the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts for a 90 minute class, and host other circus workshops on campus!

Swat Slackerz                    


Weekly Argentine tango lessons


A general interest podcast that centers on stories from members of the Swarthmore community, organized around episodic themes.


SwatKicks members learn and practice kickboxing techniques with a professional instructor from Palangi gym in Media twice a week.


Terpsichore is an open student dance group. Anyone can choreograph or perform for Terpsichore's shows. In addition, Terpsichore promotes dance education on campus by organizing and sponsoring student-led classes, master classes with guest artists, and trips into Philadelphia to see professional dance performances.

The Daily Gazette   

The Daily Gazette is our campus's daily news organization, providing information on campus happenings. Our sections include arts, news, opinions, and more. All are welcome to write and photograph for us: no experience required!

The Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility    

The Lang Center provides vision, leadership and support for the College’s central commitment to educate students for civic and social responsibility.  The Center serves as the central organizational and administrative umbrella for groups and activities that are related to civic and social responsibility and as a primary structure to foster and facilitate courses and educational experiences that carry a community-based learning component, and to establish an awareness of connections between courses and issues of civic and social responsibility.

The Yellow  Stockings Players      

The Yellow Stockings Players is Swarthmore's Shakespeare Troupe! We present a night of scenes in the fall and a show in the spring (recent productions include Twelfth Night and Titus Andronicus), and are given to all sorts of light-hearted revelries. No prior experience with Shakespeare is needed, as we are a very low-key bunch and open to all. Our mascot is the emu. Come talk to us and find out why.


On Monday nights we play soccer and other games with youths and adults with mental and physical disabilities from the local community.

Triathlon Club        

A club for those interested in training for and competing in triathlons

Trico Chabad           

Religious group like Hillel


Swarthmore's oldest and only improv comedy group! We do regular shows and host play-dates for the whole campus.

VSA - Vietnamese Student Association   

A cozy space for Swatties to appreciate Vietnamese culture, bond over interesting random philosophies or food trips, and seek support from one another.


WICS stands for Women in Computer Science. Our purpose is to create a supportive community for women in Computer Science as one way to counteract underrepresentation of women in the field. Our activities include weekly lunches, guest speakers, attending conferences, and semester lunches with female CS staff and faculty.

Women's Club Soccer         

We are a group of girls who love to play soccer! We welcome everyone no matter what experience you have!


Swarthmore's independent radio station

π ρ (Pi Rho)  

We light bonfires.