Select Past Exhibitions

Catherine Kehoe and Susan Lichtman "Tone Poems and Shape Notes"

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List Gallery exhibition: November 5 - December 14, 2014

Andrew Moore "East/West"

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List Gallery exhibition: January 23 - February 26, 2014


Serena Perrone "Reverie"

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List Gallery exhibition: September 5-October 27, 2013



  •  Orit Hofshi "Resilience"

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List Gallery exhibition: September 8 - October 22, 2011



William Daley "Vesica Explorations"

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List Gallery exhibition: September 4 - October 31, 2009


  • Carmen Lomas Garza: Como la Salvila/Like the Aloe

    "Como la Salvila/Like the Aloe: Carmon Lomas Garza's Art and Activism" by Andrea Packard
    "Carmen Lomas Garza: Artist as Curandera" by Miguel Díaz-Barriga
    Artist's acknowledgements
    List Gallery exhibition: October 3 - November 2, 2003

  • Lezley Saar: Mulatto Nation

    Essay by Andrea Packard
    Artist's Acknowledgements
    List Gallery exhibition: February 28 - March 30, 2003

  • Details: closed to open

    An artist's book by Buzz Spector, produced in
    conjunction with his List Gallery installation,
    Public/Private Peace, 2001

  • Buzz Spector: Public/Private Peace

    Exhibition catalog with essays by Andrea Packard and Jonathan Fineberg
    List Gallery installation: November 8 - December 15, 2001

  • Changing Rhythms, Works by Leland Bell, 1950s - 1991

    Introduction by Andrea Packard and essays by
    Martica Sawin, Robert M. Murdock, and Steven Harvey
    Andrea Packard, editor and exhibition curator
    List Gallery exhibition: October 1 - 30, 2001

  • Emily Brown

    "Drawing from Experience," by Andrea Packard
    "Notes on the Paintings," by Mark Rosenthal
    "Emily Brown: Looking In, Looking Out," by Michael Malone
    List Gallery exhibition: August 25 - September 24, 2001

  • Memory and Mastery: Sarah McEneaney's New Work, 1999 - 2000

    Essay by Jeanne Nugent
    List Gallery exhibition: Februrary 25 - March 29, 2000

  • Sandy Sorlien: Imagining Antartica

    Preface and photographs by Sandy Sorlien
    Essay by Andrea Packard
    Observations from Antartica, by Christopher Sorlien
    List Gallery exhibition: January 21 - February 20, 2000

  • The Mystical Arts of Tibet

    Text by Glenn H. Mullin and Andy Weber
    Foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama
    Edited by Geshe Lobsang Tenzin Negi and Lloyd Nick
    Exhibition photographs by Bard Wrisley
    Published by Longstreet Press, Atlanta, 1996
    List Gallery exhibition: November 1 - 30, 1999

  • Lesley Dill

    "Lesley Dill: The Poetics of Form," by Robert M. Murdock
    Exhibition organized by Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut,
    Robert M. Murdock, guest curator
    List Gallery exhibition: August 27 - September 27, 1999

  • David Bunn

    "David Bunn: Bureaucratic Poetry," by Ian Hunt
    Published in conjunction with a traveling exhibition
    which originated at the List Gallery, October 2 - 30, 1998

  • History, Memory, and Representation: Responses to Genocide

    An exhibition catalog featuring works by Alice Lok Cahana, Robert Barsamian, and Judy Ellis Glickman
    Essay and biographical profiles by Andrea Packard
    List Gallery exhibition: November 6 - December 4, 1997

  • Alison Saar

    Essay by Andrea Packard
    List Gallery exhibition: March 5 - April 6, 1997