Thesis Support

Thesis Student Privileges

  • Includes an end-of-semester due date for all regular McCabe, Cornell, Haverford, and Bryn Mawr items.
  • Does not include special due dates for reserve items videos, periodicals, interlibrary loan, Peace, or Bryn Mawr art & archeology items.

These privileges are not transferable. Do not permit anyone to use your card for library purposes. There will be no leniency regarding fines.

Thesis Carrels and Lockers

The use of reserved carrels and lockers is restricted to students engaged in long-term research projects that require established workspace in McCabe Library. Senior thesis writers are eligible for a study carrel in one of two designated areas on the lower level and on level 2. Personal items and checked out books can be kept on these carrels, however, the Libraries are not responsible for private property. Both carrels and lockers are available on a first-come, first served basis. Non-thesis writers may apply, but will only be assigned a space if any are available after thesis requests are satisfied.


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The use of a carrel or locker does not exempt you from library responsibilities. By clicking submit below, you agree to abide by rules regarding the use of these spaces.