LPAC Staff


James Murphy, Managing Director

Contact regarding scheduling, theatre rental, bookings

Phone: (610) 328-7761
Email: jmurphy2@swarthmore.edu

Thomas C. Snyder, Manager of Operations

Contact regarding onsite scenery construction questions, rigging, Technical Specifications

Phone: (610) 328-8113
Email: tsnyder1@swarthmore.edu

Allison Emmerich, Stage Manager

Contact regarding rental questions, production management

Phone: (610) 328-7330
Email: aemmeri1@swarthmore.edu

Dominic Chacon, Master Electrician

Contact regarding lighting questions

Phone: (610) 328-8112
Email: jchacon1@swarthmore.edu

Scott Burgess, Audio Engineer

Contact regarding audio questions

Phone: (610) 328-8112
Email: jburgess1@swarthmore.edu

Tara Nova Webb, Costume Shop Supervisor

Contact regarding costume and wardrobe questions

Phone: (610) 328-6212
Email: twebb1@swarthmore.edu

Adam Riggar, Scene Shop Supervisor

Phone: (610) 328-8452
Email: ariggar1@swarthmore.edu

Jean Tierno, Administrative Assistant

Phone: (610) 328-8149
Email: jtierno1@swarthmore.edu