About the LPAC

The opening of the Lang Performing Arts Center in 1991 marked the culmination of a longstanding desire to integrate the arts into the curriculum and provide improved facilities for them. Eugene Lang '38 was a major figure in the creation of the Center and his gifts, and those of Parker ('55) and Julie Lange Hall '55 and others, enabled the completion of the project.

Designed by Dagit-Saylor Architects, the building features at its heart the 7,000-square-foot Pearson-Hall Theatre, designed by George Izenour. Some special features of this theater include a 75-ton motorized wall that can divide the space into two independently functioning rooms, the East Coast's largest tension lighting grid, and a motorized turntable system that allows for a full thrust-stage configuration. The Performing Arts Center is a hub of campus activity, frequently hosting simultaneously rehearsals, gallery installations, readings, film screenings, classes, and performances.

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