Training Requirements

RA Training

You should be aware of the following training requirements and dates before applying. If you are selected to be a RA, you will need to plan your travels (and availability for Spring Training) around these dates. Note that training dates are subject to change.

If you are ABROAD or on a LEAVE OF ABSENCE for the Spring 2014, we will be in contact about alternate training options.

All RAs are required to attend all of Spring Training, Fall Training, participate in First-Year Orientation, and help with first-year and upper-class opening. If you anticipate having a conflict with fall training (such as fall-sport athletes, trip leaders), you should contact Rachel Head prior to applying for a position.

Training is important (and required) because:

  • You will learn to do your job
  • You will have an opportunity to practice and prepare for dealing with some of the more difficult aspects of the RA position
  • You will work with other RAs to develop as a team and get to know each other well
  • Your dorm team will develop group norms and expectations and plan for the term
  • You will prepare your floor and building for resident arrival
  • You will help with first-year orientation (even if you do not have first-year students)
  • Early Return residents will already be living on your floor - you will be their RA!

Tentative Training Dates: Spring 2014 and Fall 2014

March 23 (Sunday): Spring Training 1-5pm

April 27 (Sunday): Spring Training 1-5pm

May 5 (Monday): Spring Training 4-8pm

August 15 or 17 (Friday or Sunday): Dorms open to RAs. Please note that for safety and security reasons, no students can arrive prior to this date. Exact date TBD

August 18 (Monday): Training begins at 9 am.

August 18-August 31: RA Training. Training is an all-day event with scheduled breaks throughout and reduced hours on the weekends. More specific schedules will be provided during the summer.

August 26 (Tuesday): Dorms open for new and transfer students.

August 26 - August 31: New student orientation. RAs will help with orientation activities throughout the week.

August 29 (Friday): Dorms open for returning students.

*Before you accept a position, you MUST be able to commit to attending all of training week. Exceptions for travel plans, vacation, and extra-curricular activities cannot be accommodated.*

*Please remember that dates are tentative and subject to change. Do not purchase plante tickets or make formal plans until the official dates are released right before a Spring Break.*