Swarthmore Storage

Swarthmore Storage is a private, student/alumni-run service that provides shipping and storage exlcusively to Swarthmore students.

Organized in the Spring of 2009 by Louis Rosenberg '09 and Michael May '10, Swarthmore Storage aims to provide low-cost, convenient, and secure summer storage options for Swarthmore students.

Rosenberg and May also identified a need to provide storage and shipping services for incoming first-year and transfer students---and thus the "shipping" arm of the company was born.

The storage space used by Swarthmore Storage is climate-controlled and completely secure. Convenience and ease are the selling points of the service. Says Rosenberg: "During a busy reading week and finals period, it will be easy to drop off boxes with student workers who will then transport them to the secure storage space nearby. Boxes will be returned at the beginning of fall semester, or earlier for athletes, RAs, SAMs, CAs, and others on campus before then."

What services are available?

When you are moving-in:

If you'd like to send your belongings to campus before arriving on move-in day:

Swarthmore Storage offers a Ship-to-School service. Send your belongings to our secure, climate-controlled storage facility at any point in the summer, and we will deliver them to your room when you arrive in the fall.

For more information e-mail info@swarthmorestorage.com or visit http://swarthmorestorage.com

When you are moving-out:

Swarthmore Storage offers a secure, climate-controlled, and convenient option for students. We deliver boxes and tape to your room so you don’t have to waste precious studying time.  When you’ve finished packing, just let us know and we will safely transport your belongings to our secure, climate-controlled storage facility. When you arrive back to campus in the fall, we will return your items back to your room at a time of your choosing.

Send an e-mail to info@swarthmorestorage.com or visit our website at http://swarthmorestorage.com for more information.

Please remember, Swarthmore Storage is a private company, completely run and maintained by individuals outside of Swarthmore College.

On-campus storage options are also available. For more information about these options please visit the "On-Campus Storage" portion of this website.