New for 2014-2015

What is New for Fall 2014-Spring 2015

DANA and HALLOWELL CONSTRUCTION:  Dana and Hallowell dorms will be under construction during the Summer 2014, Fall 2014, and Spring 2015 terms. Students living in these residence halls should expect some noise disruptions during the weekdays, generally between 8:30am-3:30pm.  Work may take place outside of the above hours; advance notice will be given if we expect there to be additional disruptions.  Work will be kept to a minimum during mid-term, reading, and exam weeks. 


STORAGE LOCATIONS: As announced in the Spring of 2013, the College is phasing out student storage, and will continue to close locations this year. Until all locations are closed in August 2015, we will continue to evaluate storage locations across campus and close any location we deem to be filled to capacity or otherwise in need of a clean-out. We will keep students updated on these locations throughout the term, and encourage early planning if the storage room in your residence hall is closed. All students will continue to be offered a limited number of boxes in Secure Storage. Dorm storage will continue to be offered on a limited basis, again, with certain locations periodically closed for cleaning or occupancy reasons

Closed Dorm Storage: DANA, HALLOWELL, PPR, Strath-Haven, Worth, Kyle, Lodges

Open Dorm Storage: Alice Paul, Mertz, Willets, Parrish, Mary Lyons


STRATH HAVEN PREFERENCE: due to the move-in and move-out restrictions of living in the SH condos, priority for 2014-2015 will be given to students currently living in SH.  If a student wishes to remain in the building for another year, priority will be given.  Any remaining rooms will be available in the regular housing process.


STRATH HAVEN MEAL PLAN (continued): For the 2nd year, students who live in Strath Haven Condos may elect to not participate in the full College meal plan.  This is the only residence hall which allows a meal plan exception.  Students may choose to keep their full meal plan, take part in a partial meal plan, or decline the College meal plan.  If you receive financial aid, you should contact that office before make a decision on if you would like to cancel the meal plan. 

RISING SOPHOMORE LOTTERY(continued) For the 2nd year, the rising sophomore lottery will be changed in order to allow greater consistency in the types of rooms offered to rising sophomores, and so that the rooms selected are done so in immediate lottery number order. Effectively, this eliminates the Sophomore Waitlist. Rising sophomores are encouraged to block prior to lottery week. We approximate that 220-240 rising sophomores will select rooms through that process. After blocks have been assigned, students will participate in a preference-lottery', as opposed to room-selection lottery. At preference lottery, roommate pairs will list their preferences for the anticipated floors that will have sophomore rooms. On or about July 1st, all remaining sophomores will receive their housing assignment electronically; all rooms will be assigned in immediate lottery # order. Rising sophomore numbers are still assigned randomly and this will not change the order in which students select. This will also allow students with accommodated housing to preference through the regular housing process, and will not be removed from selecting in lottery number order. More information about the Sophomore Lottery.

SOPHOMORE SINGLES (continued): for the 2nd year, rising sophomores will only be allowed to preference/select singles in Mary Lyons residence hall. Certain blocks in Palmer, Pittenger, and Roberts may include 'singles' within larger room set-ups. Sophomores may apply for and win those blocks, but may not apply for any block that includes only singles. Any singles that remain after the junior lottery will be held for the junior waitlist and transfer students. 

JOINT TENANCY (continued): for the 2nd year, there will no longer be an option for joint tenancy in the blocking or lottery process for singles. If you select into a single and decide not to return for the Spring 2015 term, your room will automatically be entered into the housing lottery. If you select into a double or larger, and decide not to return for the Spring 2015 term, the remaining residents will decide who fills that space. Any location that has a locking door between two singles (and each room has a separate entrance. like Mertz or Pittenger), will be considered two singles in the lottery, and not a two-room double.

PARKING LOTTERY: Students will continue to enter a lottery for parking privileges on campus. Parking priority will be given to rising seniors, students with disabilities, and resident advisors. If parking spots remain after that time, permits will be prioritized to juniors. We do not expect to have enough permits to accommodate rising sophomores and many rising juniors who request permits. Parking permit decisions will not be made until after July 1st. If you are awarded a parking permit, you are not guaranteed any particular spot; you may be assigned a spot in any student lot. Until that time, students who request a permit should not plan on bringing a car as parking cannot be guaranteed. Students who are not awarded parking permits may apply for Swarthmore Ville permits. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE STUDENT PARKING LOTTERY WILL NOT BE RELEASED UNTIL AFTER THE HOUSING LOTTERIES. More information about Borough parking options can be found here