Maintenance Requests

If the issue is ... Please contact:
Emergency maintenance (e.g. flood, fire) Call Public Safety x8333, or 610-328-8333
Non-emergency maintenance
Bugs, mice, & other vermin
Broken doors, lights, plumbing, furniture, building fixtures

Email or call 610-328-8280. Be sure to include student name, room number (or location in building), & description of the problem. It is helpful if you cc' your RA on any written work requests, so he or she knows that you submitted the request.

Urgent maintenance issues that occur on weekends or in the evenings (4:00 pm - 8:00 am) should be reported to Public Safety, for on-call maintenance attention -- call 610-328-8281.

Fire equipment Fire alarm : Call Public Safety x8333
Missing/tampered equipment: Call Public Safety 610-328-8330 or 610-328-8281
Keys, locks

Call Chuck Breischaft (Key Central) 610-328-5397 or email

Building enhancements
(minor renovations, adding lounge furniture, etc)
Call Alice Balbierer 610-328-8275
  1. Talk with Hall EVS tech
  2. If unable to resolve issue through Hall EVS tech, then call :
    • Al Miser 610-328-8668 (Alice Paul, Kyle, Lodges, Mertz, Parrish, Strath Haven, Willets, Woolman, Worth)
    • Judy Stallings 610-328-8537 (Dana, Hallowell, ML, PPR, Wharton)
Laundry machines
Vending machines
Call Claire Ennis 610-328-8685
Computer jack, phone jack, network, dorm computer clusters

Call Restech 610-328-6222 or email

Vandalism Email to repair, and report to your RA