Dorm Storage

ALL College Dorm Storage is ending Fall 2015. Please plan ahead!

Dorm storage is a free option which allows students to store a small amount of personal items at the College during the summer break and/or during semesters abroad.

As announced in the Spring of 2013, the College is phasing out student storage, and will continue to close locations this year. Until all locations are closed in August 2015, we will continue to evaluate storage locations across campus and close any location we deem to be filled to capacity or otherwise in need of a clean-out. We will keep students updated on these locations throughout the term, and encourage early planning if the storage room in your residence hall is closed. All students will continue to be offered a limited number of boxes in Secure Storage. Dorm storage will continue to be offered on a limited basis, again, with certain locations periodically closed for cleaning or occupancy reasons

Closed Dorm Storage (DO NOT STORE ITEMS IN THESE LOCATIONS) : DANA, HALLOWELL, PPR, Strath-Haven, Worth, Kyle, Lodges
Open Dorm Storage (LIMITED AVAILABILITY): Alice Paul, Mertz, Parrish, Mary Lyons

VERY limited availability: WILLETS (due to dorm rennovations)


If you would like to access dorm storage at the end of Spring 2014, please remember the following:

--Graduating students may not place any items in dorm storage. No exceptions.

--All items are stored at your own risk; dorm storage is not monitored by the College and insurance is not provided on any items in these locations.

--Dorm storage is available on a strict first-come, first-served basis...once a room is full, the room will be locked.

--Only items in bags, suitcases, boxes or storage tubs are open items.

--All containers MUST include full name and class year.

--There are many items that may not be stored in dorm storage--absolutely no furniture (of any kind), large rugs, flammable items, combustible items, FOOD OR SPICES (you will return to find a mouse nest in your items if you store even the smallest amount of food), anything that is consumable, etc.

--If you place these items in storage they will be removed, thrown away, or donated to Trash2Treasures, without any further notice.

--Items in dorm storage should only be placed on shelves. Items should not be placed directly on the floor of the storage rooms (as this is a means of egress issue and it puts your items at risk for mold if the room were to flood). We will be checking the room shortly after move-out and will remove and throw away/donate any items placed on the floor, so please help us by storing your items properly.

--If you do use dorm storage, you can help us by pushing your items to the back of the shelf when you store them; this will help ensure that as many students as needed can use the storage rooms. Items improperly stored are subject to being thrown away or donated. Once a storage room is full it will be closed to students; to help us make use of as much space as possible, please be judicious in how you store things.

--To access dorm storage, please contact the individual RAs for each building

Dorm Storage is being phased out and will permanently close at the end of Summer 2015.