Off Campus Housing

Wharton Hall bikes

Swarthmore students are required to live in College Housing for their first two semesters. After that time, students may declare their intent to live off-campus.

If you decide to live in a non-College owned housing facility, PLEASE first speak with the Financial Aid Office to make sure your status as a resident or non-resident student is declared appropriately.

If you are a student planning to live off-campus, then you must complete the Statement of Intent to Live Off-Campus form.

The form includes information about deadlines.   Students who live off-campus may choose to be on a reduced meal plan or no meal plan.  Contact Lynn Grady (Dining Services) about the meal plan.

If you are taking a leave of absence or taking part in a Swarthmore College Study Abroad program, you do NOT need to fill out this form.

If you are living at home or otherwise a 'commuter' student, you DO need to fill out this form

Off-campus advertisements are posted outside of Parrish 116 on the Housing Bulletin board. Please check the board frequently for new apartment listings.  Online housing classifieds may also be online using the Swarthmore Weekly Classifieds.

The Office of the Provost (610-328-8319) coordinates support for faculty housing -- please contact the Office of the Provost about faculty housing.