Spring 2014 Move-Out

Welcome Back from Spring Break!!

Fall 2014 Move-In Information

MONDAY, MAY 19th @ 8am (sharp!) = All 2017s, 2016s, and 2015s must vacate the residence halls

MONDAY, June 2nd @ 8am (sharp!) = All graduating seniors much vacate the residence halls

Storage Information?

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Are you a 'late move-out'?

Mary Lyons summer residents = move out of your spring dorm to ML on the afternoon of May 19th

Alumni Weekend workers = return home on May 19, and return to Worth/Lodges on June 3rd or 4th

Educational Certification = move to ML on May 19 (to stay until 6/6) OR stay in your spring room and move-out 6/2

Trash2Treasures = move to ML on May 19, and check-out June 16th

Admisssions Summer Workers = move to Kyle House on May 19th