Plan An Event

Step 1: Reserve a Space

Most spaces on campus are reservable through our Space Reservations (EMS) system. Simply login (below) or create a account (if you do not already have one) in order to begin the process. Some spaces on campus are not reservable through the EMS system. Theses exceptions are listed below in the Reserving Space (Exceptions) section.

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When reserving a space, you can also request room set-ups and AV support. Campus Space can be rented for non-academic/student life use from mid-June to mid-August for conferences, symposia, meetings, weddings and events. Information is available here.

Step 2. Publicize Your Event

Fill out the Event Submission Form to add your event to the Campus Calendar. This will help in promoting your event to the campus community.

Important: please ensure you have a confirmed space reservation before advertising your event in the calendar.

Reserving Space (Exceptions)

While most locations can be reserved through Space reservations (EMS), some spaces require special permissions in order to reserve. Please contact the person listed below the space your interested in reserving to request more information.

Ashton House
Tricia Maloney at space or x8339 or complete this form

Black Cultural Center
Contact the BCC

Bond Common Worship Room and Meditation Room
Religious Advisers

Bond Memorial Hall
(See special guidelines below)

Classrooms, Computer Labs (Trotter 201 & Science Center 256), Lecture Halls, and Public Seminar Rooms
Stacey Hogge (shogge1)  for regularly scheduled credit classes

Departmental Seminar Rooms
Contact the administrative assistant of the specific department

Dorm Spaces
Contact the RA

Friends Meeting House
Mary Titus at 610-328-8699, Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 12 noon

Intercultural Center
Click here to Reserve the IC

Kohlberg & Science Center Eldridge Commons
Email space

Kohlberg - Language Resource Center
Email Mike Jones at mjones1

Lang Center for Civic & Social Responsibility
Delores Robinson at drobins2 or x5742

Lang Concert Hall
Jenny Honig at jhonig1

Lang Performing Arts Center
Jim Murphy at jmurphy2 or x7761

McCabe Library Spaces
Annette Newman at anewman1 or x8489

Scheuer Room in Kohlberg
(See special guidelines below)

Guidelines for Scheuer & Bond

Bond Memorial Hall

  • Bond Hall is primarily intended for use as a meeting space for groups of 30-60 people.
  • No alcohol can be served or consumed anywhere in the vicinity.

Scheuer Room in Kohlberg

  • Scheuer Room reservations can be made by a faculty or staff member only.
  • It is primarily intended for use as a meeting space for groups of more than 50 people.
  • Generally, it is not an space for student activities or events.