Child Abuse Clearance Forms for Educational Studies Students

All students completing a school field placement must start the clearance process by completing the PA Child Abuse Clearance application and waiver.  These forms will be forwarded to the department's school liaison and will also be used by her to run a PA Criminal Background Check.  Below are the PA Child Abuse Clearance instructions, waiver form and the application:

In addition, some schools require Federal Background Checks.  If you are enrolled in the certification program or your site requires this clearance, our department's school liaison will send you directions and help you complete this clearance.

Van Certification Forms

Some students may wish to become van certified so that they may drive with their peers to a field placement.  Van drivers are hired by the Department and paid as student workers.  The following forms detail the process and present the application materials for becoming van certified at Swarthmore.

General Clearance Information

If you require clearances but are not enrolled in an education class or doing thesis research, you may use the following links to apply for clearances. Please note that schools/sites may have different clearance requirements. 

PA Criminal Background Check 

Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Application 

Federal Background Check (RAP) through COGENT and the PA Department of Transportation

The Child Abuse History Clearance requires a $10 postal money order, plus a postal fee, which can be purchased with cash/debit card at the town of Swarthmore's Post Office. The nearest fingerprinting site for the Federal Background Check is at the DCIU, which is an easy 15-minute walk from campus or can be reached by taking the train to the next stop in Morton. Bring your registration number as well as photo identification, such as your college identification card. Please check their hours and be prepared to wait. Please note that for social service work and childcare, some organizations require Federal Background Checks to be run through the PA Department of Public Welfare. Registration for all the forms of PA Federal Background Checks can be found at the PA Cogent website.