Child Abuse Clearance Forms for Educational Studies Students


For students seeking clearances for Educational Studies Fieldwork

In order to participate in fieldwork, all public and most private schools require college students to present a PA Child Abuse Clearance and a PA State Police Criminal Background Check. In addition to these two clearances, some schools (and all charter schools) require a Federal Background Check. All student teacher candidates must complete these three clearances before acceptance into the program.

Our department will pay for all clearances associated with coursework for Educational Studies. If a student has obtained any of these clearances for other purposes, within the last year, it may be possible to use them for educational studies fieldwork. Please notify theFieldwork Coordinator if you have clearances that are not on file with Educational Studies or if you have other questions.

PA Child Abuse Clearance Instructions [PDF]

PA Criminal Background and Federal Background Clearance Application [PDF]

Clearances for purposes other than Educational Studies Fieldwork

If students need clearances for other college sponsored activities (such as volunteer programs with kids, Lang Center projects, etc.) they should contact Sandra Briggs-Edwards (Public Safety) for assistance with the clearance applications and fees. Educational Studies is always happy to provide copies of clearances on file, if needed for these purposes or for summer jobs.

Please note that all PA schools require Federal Background Checks run through Cogent’s PA Dept of Education portal. PA day care sites, counseling programs, coaching jobs, some tutoring programs and other activities require that Federal Background Checks be run through Cogent’s PA Department of Human Services portal. Schools cannot accept Dept. of Human Services Federal Background Checks and non-schools cannot accept Dept of Education Federal Background Checks. If you need a Federal Background Check, make sure that you are registered under the correct department.

PA Child Abuse Clearance Instructions [PDF]

PA Criminal Background Check

Federal Background Check for volunteers/jobs in PA Schools

Federal Background Check for volunteers/jobs in PA Human Service Organizations