Course Special Majors

Image of dancers

The program for a special major in dance comprises a minimum of four credits in dance coursework. The two disciplines in this major may be philosophically linked or may represent separate areas of the student’s interest. The faculty encourages students to consider the philosophical links between the two disciplines. Examples of past special majors include: Dance and Anthropology, Dance and Psychology, and Dance and Art.

All special majors will design their programs in consultation with a faculty adviser.

History/Theory focus:

1. Four history/theory courses

2. DANC 095. Senior Thesis

3. Regular participation in a technique or repertory class*.

Composition focus:

1. One history/theory course

2. DANC 011. Dance Lab: Making Dance I

3. DANC 012. Dance Lab: Making Dance II

4. DANC 013. Dance Composition: Tutorial

5. DANC 094. Senior Project

6. Regular participation in a technique or repertory class*.

 *Whether enrolled for credit, PE or audit, special majors are required to participate in a technique or repertory class each semester.