2016 SwatTank Teams

Finalists and participants of the 2016 SwatTank Competition. Finalists will present their projects at the annual Lax Conference on April 2, 2016.

​SwatTank 2016 Finalists


Michael Lutzker ‘19, Rida Hassan ‘18, Shruti Pal ‘18, Katherine Pemberton ‘18

Mentor: Nick Martin '04

AlumGo is a unique online platform for alumni and current students of a college/university to connect in an exciting travel experience. It will allow members within the US and abroad to list and find accommodation, personal travel itineraries/guides, language assistance, and other travel-related service. Using a specially designed algorithm, our website will calculate costs based on the combination of preferences selected by users. The idea is to open doors for travelers to access regions of the world they might not be able to visit due to financial constraints, language barriers, lack of time available to plan travel itineraries, safety concerns, and any other such obstacles they might face. Essentially, AlumGo will provide an authentic travel experience tailored to your needs!

** Second Place

LaunchPad Initiative 

Robert Eppley '19, Omri Gal '19, Kwate Quartey '19, Neeraj Shah '19, Min Zhong '19

Mentor: Dave Feinstein '90

LaunchPad Initiative provides Philadelphia area high school students with one/five-day externships (mini-internship). By connecting students with companies, organizations, and alumni, we deliver a unique experience geared towards developing skills, professional experience, and connections LaunchPad Initiative empowers students to take initiative over their futures through a platform built by students, for Students.

**Third Place




​​Bolutife Fakoya '17 and Sedinam Worlanyo '17

Mentor: Sabrina Moyle '96

YenAra is a socially responsible for-profit business initiative that provides unique and functional African-inspired backpacks to an international marketplace. Through YenAra, we provide stylish solutions to hte daily portable storage solution needs of our customers as well as serve as a marketing and distribution outlet for these ankara fabric backpacks. Each backpack design has a unique identity and tells the story of its creator; YenAra supports and encourages the growth of local Ghanaian artisans by supporting the sale of their functional, wearable art.

** First Place, Populate Vote, Best Poster



SwatTank 2016 Participants


Sam Gutierrez '16

Mentor: Kevin Hall

Gingko aims to bring Chinese language learning to the 21st century, with a focus on efficient Chinese-language study centered around a diverse set of resources and study tools and supplemented by collaboration with other users and expert help from Chinese-native speakers.


Eileen Hou ’16, Jeremy Chang ’16, Rex Chang ’17, Weite Liu ’17, Xintong Tian ’16

Mentor: Steve Dean

Monologue is an online platform that helps emerging theater artists (1) share and showcase their work to the artistic community; (2) network with other emerging artists and employers; (3) streamline the recruiting process through potential matching. Our team aims to help emerging artists seek employment opportunities by finding potential collaborators and funders. We hope to create a collaborative environment where artists can exchange ideas and enrich their professional networks.



Yang Yi ’17 and Tushar Kundu ’17

Before there were financial institutions there were tandas, informal savings groups formed on the basis of communal trust and camaraderie. Tandas were ways in which individuals could safely save their money, access credit, and even generate returns. We believe that it’s a shame that many 21st century individuals have never even heard of a tanda, much less participated in one. Our business idea, Tanda, seeks to modernize the traditional Tanda, make it more convenient, user-friendly, and accessible, and provide individuals with a classic alternative to conventional financial institutions.