Listen: Linguist Jamie Thomas

Jamie Thomas


During Alumni Weekend, Assistant Professor of Linguistics Jamie Thomas gave a talk on the shifting language of identity. Black, African-American, gay, queer, feminist, womanist—the way people describe themselves and conceive of their relationships to others can shift slowly or dramatically over time. Thomas leads an informal discussion on the topic, drawing from her expertise in language learning, identity, and race.

Thomas teaches courses on language and identity at the intersections of language, culture, and society, including science fiction and dystopia. She is a sociocultural linguist and expert in identity as related to language learning, study abroad, and Africa and the African Disapora.

Thomas's work has appeared in International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching and her book Zombies Speak Swahili is forthcoming from Oxford University Press. Additionally, Thomas maintains the #languagestory blog, where she posts ethnographic videos and shares critical commentary on communication, intercultural learning, and her most recent international fieldwork in Mexico, Micronesia, and Tanzania, among other places.