Watch: All-Alumni Reunion Weekend

More than 2,800 people celebrated a party 150 years in the making. More

Watch: Don Mizell '71

Mizell, winner of the 2005 Grammy for Album of the Year for Ray Charles' "Genius Loves Company," donated it to the College. More

Watch: Arthur Chu '06

Jeopardy! sensation Arthur Chu '06 presented "From SWIL-ly to Celebrity: The Unlikely Rise to Game Show Success of a Swarthmore Misfit." More

Watch: Jed Rakoff '64

At Collection, U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff '64 lauded the College's emphasis on "academic rigor coupled with social consciousness" and reminded the reunion crowd of the importance of true free speech. More

Watch: Bathtub Debate

Each year, this event features an apocalyptic scenario, out of which only one academic division can emerge to remake society in their own image. From left, classicist Grace Ledbetter, computer scientist Bruce Maxwell '91, and political scientist Ben Berger do the honors. More