The Swarthmore Fund

The Swarthmore Fund

The Swarthmore Fund: Simple. Inclusive. Transformational.

Bringing the former Annual, Alumni, Parents, and Friends funds together as one, The Swarthmore Fund is a simple way to support Swarthmore students. Your gift to The Swarthmore Fund will have an immediate impact on students today, while gifts to the endowment and deferred gifts will continue to aid future generations of students.

The Swarthmore Fund is inclusive. From the financial aid that makes a Swarthmore education accessible to the profound benefits of an 8:1 student-faculty ratio to the 29 varsity sports and chartered club teams, The Swarthmore Fund enriches almost every aspect of a student’s life.  

The Swarthmore Fund is vital to providing students with a truly transformational experience. Swarthmore’s endowment, substantial though it is, does not bridge the gap between what the College collects in tuition and what is needed to provide the life-changing, world-class education that students receive. Ultimately, it’s the generosity of alumni and parents supporting The Swarthmore Fund that make the hallmarks of a Swarthmore education possible.


Why the name change? We wanted to simplify giving for our donors. Previously there were four different funds—Annual, Alumni, Parents, and Friends funds—that focused on making an immediate impact on the lives of current students. Now there is one fund with one name: The Swarthmore Fund.

What “counts” as a gift to The Swarthmore Fund? All gifts to the College made for today’s purposes—to be used in the current fiscal year—count toward The Swarthmore Fund, as well as toward class and overall participation. Endowed and deferred gifts are not considered part of The Swarthmore Fund, as they are intended for future use.

Can I direct my Swarthmore Fund gift? Yes, you may choose to support a specific area of the College that you are passionate about and your gift will be counted as part of The Swarthmore Fund. Most donors choose not to direct their gifts because they believe in supporting the College’s area of greatest need. These gifts have the effect of transforming students’ lives every day, partly by giving the College the flexibility to fund its mission-driven initiatives, such as increasing financial aid packages on a moment’s notice.

How can I make my gift? Please visit, call 1-800-525-8622, or mail a check to: The Swarthmore Fund, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081.

How can I find out more about The Swarthmore Fund? Please email Lisa Shafer, director, at or call 610-328-8009.