Summer Research Opportunities

Grants from a variety of college-administered sources are available to support research by students in each of the three divisions (Humanities, Social Sciences, or Natural Sciences and Engineering) during the summer.  Although significant funding is available for summer research opportunities, resources are limited.  Not all proposals can be funded.  All continuing students are eligible to apply for summer research support; however priority is given to students who are currently completing their junior year.  Graduating seniors are not eligible.

Each of the three divisions lists individual fellowships and grants that are available on their portion of the website (please see the division links to the right).  Those individual opportunities, including their criteria and/or requirements are outlined for each division.

Students may submit proposals for the following:

  • field research
  • internships
  • archival research
  • creative arts
  • work in preparation or research leading to thesis or honors preparation
  •  faculty-student collaborative research
  • independent research

Under certain circumstances, students seeking special training and mentorship, or volunteer opportunities may qualify for a grant.

Please consider that as a student, you may not receive more than the equivalent of one full stipend ($4,500) during a single summer from all College sources.

Applications are submitted to the appropriate Division (Humanities, Social Sciences, or Natural Sciences and Engineering) and upon the recommendation of the Division Selection Committee, grants are awarded by the Office of the Provost.  If your project is in an interdisciplinary field and you are unsure about which division is most appropriate for you application, you should consult your advisor.  Announcements of the availability of the various grants are made late in the fall semester, along with instructions for procedures for application.

Division of the Humanities:

Art, Classics, English Literature, Film and Media Studies, Modern Languages and Literatures, Music and Dance, Philosophy, Religion, Theater

Division of the Social Sciences: 

Economics, Educational Studies, History, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology

Division of the Natural Sciences & Engineering:

Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics and Astronomy, Psychology