About Student Payroll

Once you have been hired in to a position, you will need to complete the following required forms in order to be paid:

  1. I-9 Form [pdf]: This form confirms your eligibility to work in the United States.
  2. W-4 Form [pdf]: This form determines how much federal tax to withhold from your wages.
  3. Direct Deposit Authorization Form [doc]: This form determines where your payroll will be deposited. All students must sign up for Direct Deposit as a condition of employment.

These forms must be completed before you begin working on campus!

Please be advised that you may complete your hiring forms anytime from 8:30 am -4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, in the Payroll Office, located in Pearson Hall, Room 110.

After your employer hires you into the payroll system, you will be able to access your timesheet via the "mySwarthmore" Website. Please review the Swarthmore Web-Time Entry Guide [pdf] for further instruction on how to complete your timesheet. See the timesheet submission schedule online.

NOTE: Hours should be entered each day as you work them, not at the end of the two-week payroll period.