26 September 2007

Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes September 26, 2007


Cathy Pescatore, Lynn Grady, Lois Falzone, Beth Baksi, Mimi Weiler, Marian Fahy, Chuck Breischaft, Mary Marissen, Anna Headley, Brady Gonsalves, Tami Gura, Brad Rumsey, Michelle Hartel, Karen Henry, Mary Cooper, Val Gibson.

Human Resources:

Melanie Young

Equal Opportunity Officer:

Sharmaine LaMar


SAC has been asked to keep an eye out for anything new and interesting among fellow staffers that may worthy of publication in The Gathering. Some examples would be: unique recognition or awards, community volunteerism, publication of a book, unique hobbies or collections. Any ideas should be sent to Susan Breen via e-mail at sbreen1 or by phone at 328-8579.

Human Resources update:

The College is in the planning process for the Middle States reaccreditations in 2009 and the planning committee which will represent staff is looking for a SAC representative to serve as a committee member. Brady Gonsalves volunteered and has been appointed to be the SAC representative.

HR updated us on the emergency planning team that has been meeting. The team is close to making a decision on purchasing software that will enable College officials to contact everyone on and off campus should an emergency occur. We will be informed of their decision as soon as possible.

The public computer in the Map House has been added to the replacement cycle and will be upgraded every four years.

Open Enrollment is currently taking place. We will now be using FlexAmerica for our flexible spending accounts. It was suggested that a fax transmittal form, with instructions and fax number, be created by Human Resources and placed on their website to help smooth the process of faxing necessary paperwork to FlexAmerica. Employees with questions about submitting receipts should contact HR.


It has been discovered that there is a Blackboard account for SAC. HR will check to see who is on the list. This may be a good tool to use for special projects or to update archives on Banner.

SAC Website:

Our website has not been updated since 1992. SAC representative, Anna Headley has taken the initiative of contacting ITS and has begun updating the website. We discussed adding contact information, minutes posting, meeting agenda, schedule of meetings and by-laws.

Campus Security:

A question was raised about an exit strategy and credit card theft. Many members knew about a recent theft of a credit card in Parrish but there was not a general alert to the campus. SAC will follow up with Public Safety to see what their policy is on notifying the campus. Exit strategies will be part of the work undertaken by the aforementioned emergency planning team.

Handicapped parking spaces:

A question was raised about the handicapped parking spaces being unavailable to folks who need them. Do you have enough spaces or are the spaces being used illegally? HR said that the amount of spaces is dictated by law. Anyone concerned about the misuse of handicapped parking spaces should contact Public Safety. Please be sure to check the car first to see if there is a handicapped sticker before reporting this is Public Safety.

Psychological Services:

If an employee is concerned about the mental health of a student, we should contact the Dean's office and they will evaluate the situation. If an employee is concerned about a co-worker, we should contact HR and depending on the situation they will probably direct us to contact Carebridge.

SAC By-Laws:

HR will take the SAC By-Laws to the President for approval.

First Friday Schedule:

First Fridays at the Map House from 9:30 - 11:00. The schedule is October 5, November 2, December 7, February 1, March 7 and May 2.

SAC Meeting Schedule:

October 24, November 14, December 12, January 23, February 13, March 19, April 16, May 14.

Submitted by,
Lynn Grady
SAC Secretary