Off-Campus Study

The Psychology Department recognizes that international study may have an important place in the educational programs of students, and we support those who wish to include such an experience.

We usually advise students to complete their time abroad by the middle of the junior year so that it does not interfere with applications for summer research or with the development of thesis proposals and senior research project proposals. Students may wish to consult with an adviser in the department about their specific plan because of the absence of international standards in psychology. In most cases, we encourage students to emphasize work in areas other than psychology while away.

However, the department may permit a student to transfer a single psychology course from a study abroad program to count toward the minimum major requirements, but normally not in fulfillment of a core course requirement nor as a prerequisite for an advanced seminar. Additional work may be considered for transfer beyond the minimum major requirements. Prior completion of introductory psychology or its equivalent is an important component of approval for transfer credit.