The Philip Evans Scholars

The Philip Evans Scholars are a diverse group of individuals who are united by a common sense of purpose, intellectual curiosity and commitment to their communities. They are creative and resourceful, open to challenges, and strive to be leaders in their chosen fields. They found campus programs like TOPSoccer, Chester Noise, and Dare 2 Soar, and programs abroad like the Village Education Project. They are medical researchers, writers and poets, entrepreneurs, policymakers and activists. Their impact extends from the Swarthmore community to the entire world.

Daniel Symonds '11

photo of Daniel Symonds '11"One of my most formative experiences through the Evans program has been my summer teaching in New Orleans... which galvanized my longstanding interest in education, and made clear to me that either through community or union organizing, or in more formal classroom settings, I want to devote my time to empowering others to recognize the strength of their own ideas." more


Ivana Ng '12

photo of Ivana Ng '12"Last summer, I volunteered at an elephant camp for six weeks... I had such an amazing experience getting to know the staff as well as interacting with the elephants. After my six-week stint, I traveled around Thailand, Singapore, and Cambodia, mostly alone, and that was really a great experience. Knowing that I could be so independent was really empowering and liberating." more


Raymundo Alfaro-Aco '12

photo of Raymundo Alfaro-Aco '12"I have been exposed to the conditions that diseases such as malaria and AIDS cause in communities around the world, and I want to help tackle such diseases from a biochemical perspective. I want to better understand the cellular and molecular interactions that impact human beings on a tangible scale, and hence help provide the tools necessary to alleviate those problems." more


Sasha Wijeyerante '12

photo of Sasha Wijeyerante '12"Through the Evans Scholarship, I was able to volunteer with the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD). They placed me with Ayni Ruway, an NGO that worked in Cochabamba, Bolivia's prison system... this was an amazing experience for many reasons. First and foremost, it was fulfilling to be able to address a need expressed by those in prison, recognizing that my work as an ally was actually helpful to them." more


Angela Meng '12

photo of Angela Meng '12"I spent a summer in Ghana for a human rights internship. I really loved how the experience pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to explore so many different aspects of the world. I never imagined myself in West Africa riding in crammed vans on bumpy roads for hours, eating fried plantains and fufu everyday, taking cold bucket showers, playing football with school kids, and so many more small, but meaningful small parts of my life there." more


Marcus Mello '13

photo of Marcus Mello '13"The Evans Scholars program allowed me to travel out of the country for the first time in my life. My most valuable experience was this past summer in Quito, Ecuador. I was able to learn more about a field that I was interested in — economics, more specifically microfinance — and to immerse myself in a South American environment. I learned a lot about Ecuadorian culture and my Spanish improved tremendously. I also enjoyed my host family; we had a lot of fun together." more