Brainstorming Grants

Brainstorming grants are available to support Tri-Co faculty members who share common interests. The goal is to encourage faculty to discuss scholarly interests, curricular projects, program initiatives, and work-life issues and to make cross-campus connections in an informal environment. Funds can be used for lunches, dinners, materials, etc. Calls for applications will be publicized via email in early October, with the proposal deadline in early November, and notification of the successful grant awards following by December. 

An application for a Brainstorming grant includes the following:

  1. A brief (about one page) description of the interest group
  2. The nature of the meetings or activities
  3. A tentative list of attendees (representatives from the three campuses strongly desirable, two is allowable)
  4. Budget allocation (Meals, reading or computer materials are covered, in addition to modest travel expenses for participants, but no faculty stipends are permissible under the guidelines of the grant. Honoraria are also expected to not exceed $500)