McCabe Scholars: In Their Own Words

Sun Park '16

Chengetai Mahomva"Being a McCabe Scholar has been an incredible honor. Not only did the scholarship lead me to this amazing school but it has also allowed me so meet many wonderful people. I am incredibly grateful to Mr. McCabe for enabling me to be at Swarthmore and allowing me to part of this community."

Malik Mubeen '13

Malik Mubeen '13"As a student-athlete at Swarthmore, tennis is an important part of my life." He also appreciates the diversity of the Swarthmore student body as an Indian American: "Coming from a town with a very small South Asian population, this diverse campus is a nice change."

Becky Painter '13

Becky Painter"I grew up in Swarthmore, and I was pretty set on attending college far from home. It wasn't until I was awarded the McCabe Scholarship that I started to consider that the perfect school for me might be right in my backyard. I'm so glad the McCabe Scholarship gave me an opportunity to see all that this school has to offer."