Programming & Events

The IC aspires to organize programs and events that support its commitment to build community among and between members of diverse cultural and social identity groups.

In addition to supporting affiliated groups and providing a space where these groups can interact, the IC also organizes Heritage Month programs that include Native Heritage Month, Pride Month,  APIA (Asian/Pacific Islander American) Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month. It facilitates the formation of student-faculty relationships that extend beyond the classroom through open houses, student-faculty lunches, and the IC awards. In 2014 the IC initiated PopIns!----a programming series that features diverse guest speakers during lunch and dinner times.  

Upcoming Events: 


Past Events (Fall 2014):

Heritage Month(s): Pride Month & Native Heritage Month  

Pride Month calendar     Native Heritage Month flyer


Interdepartmental Collaborations 

Omar Offendum flyer


Jasiri-x and Omar Offendum Flyer   Jeff Chang flyer