Mission and Goals

Office Mission

Conduct research to support planning and decision-making, and assessment across the College, in an objective manner that conveys results honestly to appropriate managers, while respecting College culture.


Our goals fall generally into two categories, which might be simply described as "research" and "reporting," though there is overlap.


Conduct specialized studies in support of campus needs and priorities, both in response to specific requests and also proactively to identify and address needs.

Provide support for academic and administrative assessment efforts

  • leadership, education, and guidance
  • summarize College data reflective of effectiveness
  • analytic support as appropriate

Coordinate, administer, analyze, and report on College-wide survey projects.

Serve as a resource for units in need of research expertise for projects that serve the College.


Collect, summarize, and disseminate campus data for internal use.

Collect, summarize, and disseminate campus data for external reporting purposes:

  • state and federal reporting
  • agencies (e.g. AAUP, Middle States)
  • consortia (e.g. AICUP, COFHE, HEDS)
  • publishers, as appropriate (e.g. admissions guidebooks and rankings)

Provide internal and external (e.g. peer data, national trends) summary information and research for management decisions, as well as guidance in interpretation.