The Swarthmore Fund

Students studying on Parrish Beach


Simply stated, gifts to The Swarthmore Fund enable the College to provide more and better opportunities for a greater number of students. Whereas gifts to the endowment and deferred gifts are focused on the future, The Swarthmore Fund is fully dedicated to the present.

Interest drawn from Swarthmore’s endowment, substantial though it is, does not bridge the gap between what the College receives in tuition and what is needed to provide the transformational educational experience students receive here. Annual support from loyal alumni and parents enables the College to preserve its endowment while serving students in many different ways. As a result of gifts to The Swarthmore Fund, we can offer:

  • generous financial aid awards (more than $45,000 per student on average) based on need
  • funding for summer research and internships
  • an 8:1 faculty-to-student ratio
  • mentoring and summer programs designed specifically for first-generation students
  • additional financial support (e.g. books, an annual trip home) for low-income students

Donors are free to designate their Swarthmore Fund gifts to specific initiatives or programs.

The bottom line is this:

Every gift to The Swarthmore Fund creates an opportunity for a student that he or she would otherwise not have had. The Swarthmore Fund makes an important difference here and now.