Support Swarthmore

Thank you for supporting Swarthmore College

By giving to Swarthmore you are ensuring the College's ability to provide access to a Swarthmore education to students without regard to their financial position, supporting groundbreaking faculty research, and providing for the upkeep of the College's 425-acre campus and its facilities. 

Please explore the following options for giving and identify the one(s) best suited to your wishes and intentions. Many donors will be able to take advantage of the charitable gift deduction for all or part their contribution to Swarthmore College.

  • The Swarthmore Fund: Gifts to The Swarthmore Fund, usually made in the form of cash or publicly-traded securities, provide direct and immediate support to the College and its programs. Outright gifts of closely-held stock, real estate, or other property may also be made. You can also make your gift by credit card online, or sign up for the Monthly Giving Program via the secure gift site, or by calling our toll-free credit card hotline, (800) 660-9714.

    Many employers match their employees' contributions to charitable causes. Ask the human resources office at your workplace or check to see if your employer, the company from which you retired, or your spouse's employer has a matching gift program.

  • Bequests: Made through a donor's will, trust, or retirement plan, these gifts have long been a crucial source of support for Swarthmore. Contact: Renee Atkinson, Gift Planning Administrator, 610-328-8323.
  • Gifts that Pay Income:  Donors can often structure annuities and trusts to provide income to themselves, family members, or friends for life or a period of years. Each option has certain tax and investment advantages. Contact: Renee Atkinson, Gift Planning Administrator, 610-328-8323.

  • Real Estate and Other AssetsAlmost any type of real estate may be donated: undeveloped land, farms, commercial buildings, vacation homes, or your residence. Contact: Renee Atkinson, Gift Planning Administrator, 610-328-8323.

  • Naming Opportunities: Donors can create a lasting legacy by naming scholarship funds, faculty chairs, academic initiatives, and selected campus buildings and rooms in honor or memory of the donor, family member, or another person. Contact: Kay Fairs, director of Leadership Giving, (610) 957-6338.

  • Pledges: With flexible payment schedules, pledges allow donors to make generous commitments over a period of up to five years. Contact: Ruth Krakower, director of Alumni and Gift Records, (610) 328-8407, or email

  • Securities: A donor may take a charitable deduction for the full fair-market value of appreciated securities, including stock, bonds, and mutual funds (held longer than one year) and usually avoids paying capital gains tax that would be due if the donor sold them. Learn more in the Guide to Gifts of Securities or contact Ruth Krakower, director of Alumni and Gift Records, (610) 328-8407.