Reunion Class Agents

Alumni Weekend

Reconnect. Return. Rekindle.

Whether it has been two years or twenty since graduation, your Swarthmore College education had a meaningful impact on your life. By taking on the responsibilities of Class Agent in your reunion year, you’ll have a similar significant impact on current Swarthmore students. We are grateful for your help and welcome you to this community of College volunteers working to transform the lives of many.

As a reunion year Class Agent, your relationships with classmates are key. Swarthmore College brought you together as a community for the first time and, regardless of distance, that community continues. Your focus as a fundraiser is to be a leader for your class. As you make your own gift, plan your outreach to classmates, and pursue the steps we’ve outlined for you, you are fostering deeper connections with classmates, the College, and students of today.

Our staff is here to support you as you carry out your responsibilities in the coming months. Swarthmore College has always believed that investing in the potential of extraordinary young people is the best way to change the world, and reunion gifts are a powerful way to enable that change. This website serves as a guide, one that includes a digital version of the folder you received when you signed up to be a Class Agent. Thank you for choosing to give so generously of your time, experience, and financial resources to support the mission of Swarthmore College and its talented students. Your upcoming reunion will mark a milestone in your life and will be a wonderful celebration, thanks to your dedication.