Monthly Giving

Parrish Hall

What is the Monthly Giving Program?

The Swarthmore College Monthly Giving Program is a simple and convenient way for donors to easily make their gift to The Swarthmore Fund in regular monthly contributions from a debit or credit card.

Swarthmore is very grateful for each gift we receive, and we want to make it as simple as possible for you to support the College. Giving through the Monthly Giving Program means you bypass The Swarthmore Fund appeals, saving the College money that can be directed to important on-campus programs. Since your gift is spread out over the course of the year, you are supporting the College all year long, and by making your commitment early in the giving year, you're already counted among Swarthmore's valued donors.

How does the program help you?

Enrolling in the program means you won't have to worry about writing and sending a check, and the number of phone and mail reminders you receive from the College will decrease.

Monthly Giving also allows you to make your contribution at a leadership level because your gift is divided into manageable monthly increments. Please consider joining The 1864 Society at the following levels. Monthly amounts may need to be adjusted during the first year if enrollment begins after July to ensure the desired giving level is achieved. The College's fiscal year is July 1-June 30.

The 1864 Society Contributions
Giving Levels Monthly Contributions Yearly Amount
Deborah Wharton Associates $155.34 $1,864
Benjamin Hallowell Associates $416.67 $5,000
Martha Tyson Associates $833.34 $10,000
Samuel Willets Associates $2,083.34 $25,000
Rachel Jackson Associates $4,166.67 $50,000
Lucretia Mott Associates $8,333.34 $100,000


Young alumni (years 1-14 after graduation), especially, can benefit from this program, joining the Rose Garden Associates at the following gift amounts.

Rose Garden Associates
Years Since Graduation Monthly Contributions Yearly Amount
1-4 $8.34 $100
5-9 $41.67 $500
10-14 $83.34 $1,000

How does this program help Swarthmore?

Monthly contributions provide the College with an on-going, reliable source of funding. Gifts made through this program reduce our administrative costs and allow more of each gift to be used immediately to support Swarthmore's top priorities, such as fostering sustainable practices that contribute to long-term well being in our lives, our communities, and our environment. Monthly gifts are considered "greener" because they cut down on paper and gas emissions produced by mailings.

How can you participate?

To make your monthly gifts with a credit card, visit our secure giving website at and select "I would like to make monthly payments."

A record of each gift will appear on your bank or credit card statement and you will receive receipts from the College in January and July for your records.

Simple and convenient, the Monthly Giving Program saves time and money. Visit to start supporting Swarthmore students today.