Countdown Year Class Agents

alumni talking on bench

Reconnect. Renew. Relate.

The countdown years in the five-year reunion cycle are designed to strengthen class relationships. We are deeply grateful for the time and energy you’ve chosen to devote as a countdown year Class Agent, cultivating connections within your class. These connections are the most critical foundation to a successful fundraising effort in your reunion year. Welcome to the valued community of Class Agents at Swarthmore College.

Your class is a community unlike any other. Shared memories, experiences, and milestones mark the years you spent together. In your role as countdown year Class Agent, we ask that you explore new class relationships and enhance existing ones. We are mindful of the fact that different stages of life mean different levels of engagement with the College. Your relaxed outreach to classmates is a much-appreciated way for them to stay connected in a manner that is comfortable for them.

Countdown years can and should be enjoyable for Class Agents as you build important relationships. There are no fundraising requirements and no reports. We ask that you “remember” with classmates in the ways that best suit you and them. Our staff has complied a list of recommended independent activities that have proven helpful in sustaining class relationships. You will undoubtedly think of others. Even small gestures can be powerful connectors. We are grateful to you for committing to inform and inspire your classmates over the coming year.